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There is an imbalance in the universe. Since his latest return from oblivion, Thanos himself feels… incomplete. Now the so-called Mad Titan plans to put both wrongs right. The revelatory waters of the Infinity Well lead Thanos on a new quest, with a once sworn enemy, Adam Warlock, at his side. A crusade that will bring confrontation with the Silver Surfer and the galaxy’s mightiest heroes – the Annihilators. This April, Thanos will embark on an odyssey that will change everything in THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION.

Cosmic maestro Jim Starlin (The Infinity Gauntlet, Captain Marvel) returns to his signature character in a tale of death and rebirth that will transform the Marvel Universe once more!

“Thanos and Adam Warlock team up to deal with a universe imperiling event. Big changes are coming to everything and the Titan appears to be at the heart of this astral metamorphosis. The story concludes with a major change in Thanos’ status within the Marvel Universe, turning him into a greater threat than ever before,” says Starlin.

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THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION will also include a code for a free digital copy of the graphic novel on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices.

THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION arrives in comic shops and bookstores this April!  For more on Thanos, please visit and join in the conversation on Twitter with #thanos.

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  1. Wow. It’s been decades since I read a Jim Starlin book. If I had comic book shop to hand I would definitely pick this one up. I wonder what the “big change” will be? Will Thanos marry Death and populate the universe with little Deathlettes? Will Thanos BECOME Death? Or will Thanos kill Galactus and thus finally earn Death’s unliving love? If memory serves me correct, Thanos has already taken Adam Strange’s soul gem, so that ship has already sailed (or am I getting Adam Strange confused with Starlin’s version of Captain Marvel?)/. Maybe Thanos will finally get annoyed at Wolverine for stealing the design of his hat and put an end to him? Whatever it is, if Starlin is in charge of both story and art, it will probably be a good read, because he was turning out star-spanning epics back when everybody else was still turning out nothing but monthly stories that reset at the end of each issue.

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