MERCH: Neverending Story Tablet Covers May Promise Something the Movie Did Not


I’m constantly amazed by the places I can go and the things I can find on my iPad. Unlike the Neverending Story (which had an ending – TWICE), the information on my tablet is never ending, which makes these Esty The Neverending Story tablet covers so desirable.


Honestly, if you were a kid of the ’80s you probably enjoyed watching The Neverending Story, and fell in love with the cool cover of two snakes devouring themselves with the gold lettering. If the book were real, it would  found its way into my knapsack.  For $61 it’s inexpensive enough to make the impulse buy worth while, and if you don’t have an iPad or a Kindle (I hear Matthew got a Galaxy for the holidays), GeekifyInc will build you a custom cover.

And if The Neverending Story isn’t cool enough for you, the seller also has covers based on the Labyrinth, Willow, Myste, and the Necronomicon.


via GeekifyInc