Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: It’s time to leave Tuberville. Wait…. They’re leaving Tuberville!?

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  1. Frederick aka Darth Macho on

    First off, I love the show, and I’ve loved the past few episodes. What a brilliant idea to revisit the changes in Tuberville after the events that took place in Celestial Crusade. Their certainly has been a change in the balance of power, and Rodrigo is such a master of creating an atmosphere of utter dread.

    I was disappointed that the party left Tuberville without a fight. I really think they underestimated their skills there, while I think Ket was looking out for his best interests. I found it interesting that so much time was invested in arguing over the most humane way to kill the lizard-monkey queen, yet when they could have made a difference to these poor unfortunate souls, suddenly the party was in a rush. Again, it made sense for Ket, but I was disappointed that someone else in the party didn’t act. Everyone was so restrained! Oh well, I’m sure that’s not the last we’ve heard from Brothers Pine and Olaf, or of Asmodeus, for that matter, and I’m still excited about what the Underdark, the Feydark, and the Feywild (Now Under New Management) will look like!

  2. First arc I’ve really enjoyed in a while (still love you guys, 200 episodes of any fiction will take a toll), I REALLY would have liked to see a hardline divine character in this situation (paladin of Bahamut would be particularly curious), but I like how this went all in all.

    Looking forward to what happens next.

  3. Crystal Groves on

    Loved this episode, this is probably one of my favorites so far. SO many emotions.

    I feel so sorry for Tuberville and I hope once the part is done fixing the Spud thing they come back and help. Orem is really growing.
    I’m excited that Ket has new glowy-eye powers. Is some diety keeping track of the party through his eyes? I’m sure Rodrigo will surprise us.
    Also, Brian was on a freaking role with his jokes this episode~

    All Hail the heroes of Moonhold: Orum, Randis, Tork, and Smif~!

  4. Just rehashing what others have already said. I find it interesting and humorous that Trell was willing to tackle Ket over a Moon Beast about to kill people, but not going “Yeah.. This crap isn’t going to fly” when a town is being converted to blood magic stuff. Really cool to see Orem shifting in his alignment. Just odd to hear the pretty neutral wizard trying to convince the good cleric of Corellon go “Well… nothing we can do about it”. Kinda shocked that Tork (As the good people of Dimond Throne call him) not take up arms when Orem pointed it out. Great Great episode. Best in a while for me.

  5. So many feelings with over this arc, I love when we get the chance to see what changed in past areas. Can’t wait to see what happened in the Astral Sea, The last 3 episodes are my favourite in a while, when the nearly dead men have to face moral dilemma regarding their faith an believes it’s always very interesting. As others have already said, i was shocked that nobody picked a fight, they deserved it ;)
    Masterfull job Rodrigo for filling us with curiosity, fear and dread over Tuberville. And… Giant Statues? Hell yeah! Expecially when they all look like Randus :D

  6. Yeah, I’m also very disappointed in the “heroes”. Even Ket should have felt that it’s worth being pulled away to save those people. In my opinion, it’s never ok to ignore the suffering of a few for the betterment of all.

  7. I’m disappointed too. I would have cleaned out every bit of magic components they had. Sure the group was against it, but Ket could have taken them all without losing any face (already marked by Asmodais) and used them to really max out. More components means better stuff to fight more evil. This was a good episode for sure. That being said, I wish they could hurry and get to Spud. I’ve gone too long without a Game Master Workshop.

    • The magic components were made of the blood of people, though. And the brothers were already using the magic components to make their church. So any magical components they asked for meant that inevitably there would be massive swarms in the streets, killing people for their blood, so that they could make the residuum for the party. And you just know that the brothers would absolutely fill any amount they asked for, plus some. They took the best possible option by not taking any magical components; no people would have to die for the party to fill their magical coffers.

  8. I think the group made the best possible choice given the circumstances. If they tried to fight, they would have only ended up getting overwhelmed by demons or getting the townspeople killed. They can always go back and tackle Tuberville later. They have to set the Feywild right before the world rips itself apart.

  9. Ket: “Give me that”

    Ket: “What is it?
    Guy: “Tastes wierd”
    Ket: “Can you tell me anything about it?”
    Guy: “It’s Soylent Red!

    I’d have taken as much as I could – at least it’d be going to do good, rather than being sold and financing making more and probably used to hurt more people. Both gold and residuum are fungible.

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