The Amazing Spider-Man has been gone for a while now, replaced by a new, superior, spider title. But for all those Peter Parker fans who have been yearning for a new adventures with the original Spider-Man, Marvel has you covered. They have rolled out a series of “point” issues that serve as series of in-canon Peter Parker stories that take place before the “last” issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Find out if they are any good with your Major Spoilers review!


It’s the Peter Parker we all know and love.
Interesting concept that is well executed on every level.

Might feel like it’s not important to the Spider-Man canon.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆



ASMFR1999700-DC11-LR-b43caAmazing Spider-Man #700.4
Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Timothy Green, Walden Wong
Colorist: Brad Simspon
Letterer: VC – Joe Caramagna
Cover Artists: Pasqual Ferry, Andres Mossa, John Tyler Christopher
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Amazing Spider-Man: After a fight with Firebrand, Spider-Man found himself badly burned and in a super villain hospital known as the Black Lodge. They did not recognize him at first, but now the hospital staff might be catching on…


It feels good to have Peter Parker back, not that I am one of those people who resents the very concept of the Superior Spider-Man, but reading the wry writ of Parker is both refreshing and nostalgic- like visiting an old friend. There are plenty of opportunities for Spidey to quip as he encounters all manner of masked criminals trying to find a way to escape from the heart of villain territory. The central conceit of the book, a hospital for super villains, is an interesting one that the book executes nicely, managing to make me want to learn more about it. The head of the hospital is presented as having a complex, yet concise, moral code about what he does and its well utilized to get the central conflict going. On top of this satisfying Parker adventure, there is a very nice, short back-up story that really makes this issue worth the four dollar price point.


This issue is a pleasure to look at through and through. The colors all stay within an autumn palette of light browns and oranges, which is contrasted with blue later on to subtly denote a tonal change in story. At times the blacks feel too heavy and make the characters look a little odd, but overall everyone looks on point. There is a variety of body types among the various villains and hospital employees, which is a very nice break from the superhero trope of everyone looking like super models. The back up uses a much more vibrant set of colors which helps to distinguish it from the main story, so that they really feel like separate tales.


If you are a die-hard Peter Parker fan than you probably already picked up this book. If you have not, then you really should because this is some classic Parker writing. If you are a casual fan of Spider-Man like myself, then this comic is also very much worth picking up. This book is quality in every aspect, which is why I am giving it four stars out of five.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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