Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: The party must decide if they stay and accept offerings, or get the heck out of Tuberville.

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  1. WTF? Did everyone but Orem turn lawful-evil? If the team does not level that tower to the ground and free the poor people of Tuberville,this will be a black stain on the records of the Torqueltones. The team are paragons and taking on a single Church of baddies should be possible.
    A moral low for everyone but Orem.
    Btw I was sure that Orem would have a wizard showdown with Brother Pine. That would have been great :)

    • Crystal Groves on

      The problem is that they wouldn’t be taking on just a “single Church of Baddies”, they’d be defying Asmodeus and all of his followers. Ket would lose his sponsorship in his tournament and probably get called away right as Asmodeus was stomping on the rest of the party because Asmodeus is eeeeeeeevil.

  2. Crystal Groves on

    Just to get this out there: Ket is my favorite character.

    So there you go guys, there’s at least ONE crazy Ket-fangirl out there.

  3. Buu-huu, Ket gets called away. So let a whole village die and suffer so that does not happen.
    This team needs a paladin!
    (Hope you all get that my outburst is in a good tone :))

    • Crystal Groves on

      I know it’s all in good sport. :3

      And yes, one village will suffer. The problem is that if they stop to help every beleaguered populace, they’ll never get to Spud in time to stop him. They still have to finish making their way to the Underdark then the Shadowfel and then to Spud in the Feywild before the realities collapse and kill everyone everywhere on the natural plane. It doesn’t matter if they save this village if they fail to stop the worlds from ending.

      It’s a really tough spot to be in. I’m sure once they no longer have worldwide impending doom hovering over them they’ll go back to Tuberville and Asmodeus’ goons will face the party’s undivided fury.

      • Lindskog Severin on

        Also, they murdered the devils in Tuberville last time, and it doesn’t seem like it helped that much. The plan of telling Diamondthrone might be a better one, since they would be able to destroy the church and then keep watch so that Asmodeus won’t return (which the Torqletones can’t really do). Buuuut we’ll see, I don’t really see how they could hide a church like that, something weird might be going on in Diamondthrone.

  4. I am enjoying the moral quandaries and some of Stephen’s best role playing. Well done to Rodrigo for putting Ket (whom I particularly like) through the wringer due to his earlier choices.

  5. First RIP weasel stand guy ( moment of silence)
    Asmodeus has been able to take over because his army’s and followers weren’t in the fight against the moon gods. So he can basically do whatever he wants now and the other gods don’t have the people to stop him. So even if they did kill creep 1&2 all they would do is make another enemy and this one would be a real, full powers, and well armed god. Not a weakend god ( thing that shatters the sky) or a pretender ( spud)

    • Makes you wonder if they’d be in this situation if they had taken Asmodeus’s deal in the first place. Of course the service he could have demanded of them may have been “subjugate and terrorise Tuberville” so I guess they’ll never really know for sure.

      That’s what I love about Asmodeus as a foil, he’s too powerful to fight and he doesn’t want to destroy the party instead he offers them exactly what they need, at a price, then watchs them squirm it’s brilliantly evil.

      • Crystal Groves on

        It’s extra-evil when you stop and consider that even the gods probably CAN’T fight Asmodeus at this point. Every god but him (and Vecna) suffered huge losses in manpower and resources because of the lunar god war. Asmodeus has a large, well-organized and now pretty much unmatched army waiting in the wings.
        Take into account how much suffering is going on because of the world collapsing into the Feywild and Asmodeus is probably getting even stronger.

        Who knows, maybe after the Spud thing is over with the party might have to face down Asmodeus?

  6. Will Ket ever get back in the good graces of the raven queen? It’s clear that he prefers mi lady to lord asshat. Maybe saving the town would do it. But then going though the under dark would be hader. Because I think the spider queen rules that realm, right?

  7. It does have a feel that we’ll be making a swing back through some of our old “allies” in the Astral Sea. The Spider Queen is the chief deity of the dark elves, and the dark elves live in the Underdark; I don’t know enough about the Feydark to know whether or not Lloth rules there.

    So, we’re set up for re-introductions of Asmodeus, Lloth, The Raven Queen, and potentially Corellon (I have a feeling on this one). This was a good episode – I like when the party has strife for something that I see is pretty obvious: Ket clearly has issues with this, but he has his eyes on the greater goal and has to balance that, and the party is trying to balance that. Much better than the party strife we’ve had in past episodes that seemed to me to be arguing for the sake of arguing.

    • speaking of old allies, (i know someone mentioned this last week but) the desciptions of brothers Olaf and pine remind me of 7owls and albreicht now that i listen closely

  8. I’m conflicted. I really want the party to smash Olaf and Pine, but they do have big picture stuff they have to worry about.

    Oh well. Hopefully after they finish, they’ll return to Tuberville again.

  9. Hey, Ket is my favourite character

    Why does the party (including the players) seems to love to hate him that much?

    Anyway, speaking of Ket, this episode made me notice something fairly amusing – for a diplomatic character who is supposed to act like the “face” of the party, Ket seems to really, really don’t like being social. He’d give an address if he has to, but he won’t engage with the party’s silliness, ask random questions to the NPCs and so on.

    In this episode it is at least justified – I could very well imagine him being terrified out of his mind.

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