MOVIES: Chris Terrio Brought in to Rewrite Batman vs. Superman


Last summer, when it was announced Warner Bros. was moving ahead with Batman vs. Superman, everyone (and you know who they are) said production would move ahead based on the screenplay by David Goyer. Those who have listened to the Major Spoilers Podcast over the last couple of weeks know we’re a little hesitant on Goyer’s hit and miss successes, and it looks like Warner Bros. is concerned too, as a new writer has been brought on board.

This is all according to The Hollywood Reporter which claims Argo writer Chris Terrio has been brought in to write a draft of the movie. This isn’t anything really new as multiple writers are often brought in to cleanup scripts or add additional scenes to tighten everything up. With Ben Affleck as Batman, it wouldn’t surprise me if the producer/director/actor asked the writer to come in to punch some things up. Of course Goyer is also busy with a number of other DC Comics movie adaptations, so that could have lead to Terrio being brought in, too.

via THR