MOVIES: Dreamworks shows off new Need For Speed poster


Dreamworks is the studio in charge of making a racing video game franchise transition into a successful film and they are needing more people than just gamers to show up to the theater. Posters have proven a fairly successful avenue for promoting films, so you can see the new Need For Speed poster after the jump.


If Dreamworks really wanted to get the hype train rolling for their movie they should pay a site to start the rumor that Need For Speed is the unofficial continuation of Jesse Pinkman’s story from Breaking Bad. I mean, the last shot we see of him he is driving fast in a car right?

All partial jokes aside, I actually think this a great looking poster design. Of course, it does stick to the blue/orange color palette that is prevalent throughout the film industry right now, but I’m sure that will be subsiding this decade.

Catch Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul in Need For Speed when it comes to theaters March 14, 2014.

via Geekscape