Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #8, Red Sonja #6, Codename: Action #4, Grimm #8, Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars #9, The Spider #16, Lady Rawhade #3, Vampirella #37, Warlord of Mars #31, and more.

Mark Waid (w)
Ronilson Freire (a)
Paolo Rivera (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Even back then, chicks dug the car. But the Green Hornet’s limousine, the Black Beauty, holds a deadly secret that can tear the Hornet’s life to pieces!

GHWaid08-Cov-Rivera WaidGH08-1 WaidGH08-2 WaidGH08-3 WaidGH08-4 WaidGH08-5

Gail Simone (w)
Walter Geovani (a)
Jenny Frison, Jill Thompson (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
Jenny Frison b&w art retailer incentive cover
Jill Thompson b&w art retailer incentive cover
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
This is IT. The culmination to the bloody WAR of VENGEANCE waged between two former sisters of the sword, DARK ANNISIA and RED SONJA! Annisia has done something no other god nor demon has been able to do, force Sonja to her knees in surrender. But Sonja returns, a changed woman, and she has a mighty SCORE to settle! The climax to the entire QUEEN OF PLAGUES saga is here!

RSv2-06-1 RSv2-06-2 RSv2-06-3 RSv2-06-4 RSv2-06-5 RSv2-06-Cov-Frison RSv2-06-Cov-Thompson

Chris Roberson (w)
Jonathan Lau (a)
Jae Lee, Jonathan Lau (c)
2 regular covers will be shipped in equal ratios
Jae Lee b&w art retailer incentive cover
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Operative 1001 has managed to locate the hidden headquarters of the shadowy organization that is driving the world to the brink of war. But even if he manages to rescue Operator 5 and the other prisoners, what then? Locating the enemy is one thing, but stopping the enemy’s plan is something else entirely. And what of the mysterious Dr. Thorpe? Is the scientist behind the doppelganger procedure more than he appears to be?

Action04-1 Action04-2 Action04-3 Action04-4 Action04-5 CodenameAction04-Cov-Lau CodenameAction04-Cov-Lee

Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey (w)
Rod Rodolfo (a)
Lucio Parrillo (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
We flashback to Aunt Marie as she spends her final Christmas battling the cancer that is rapidly ravaging her body while a sinister force battles for her soul. Face to face with her mortality, she reflects on her own choices as a Grimm and learns that not everything is jolly during the holidays.

Grimm08-1 Grimm08-2 Grimm08-3 Grimm08-4 Grimm08-5 Grimm08-Cov-Parrillo

Mark Rahner (w)
Jethro Morales (a)
Jay Anacleto (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Carlos Rafael “risqué” original art retailer incentive cover
Now that the evil Voro’s dead, Dejah Thoris has her own green men: the Hok Squad, a secret Delta Force of Tharks for special missions. The nastiest warriors to throw at the nastiest jobs. Radical green separatists led by a red woman. What could go wrong?

DejahGreenMen09-Covs-Anacleto GreenMen09-1 GreenMen09-2 GreenMen09-3 GreenMen09-4 GreenMen09-5

David Liss (w)
Ivan Rodriguez (a)
Colton Worley (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Richard Wentworth may be down, but he’s not out… not when the city still needs the Spider. With his eye on both a ring of crooked cops and a deadly gang uptown, The Spider sets up a carefully orchestrated scheme to take out two birds with one stone. But when an honest cop comes along for the ride, he’s got to protect the life of an innocent while making sure the guilty suffer.

Spider16-1 Spider16-2 Spider16-3 Spider16-4 Spider16-5 Spider16-Cov-Worley

LADY RAWHIDE #3 (of 5)
Eric Trautmann (w)
Milton Estevam (a)
Joseph Michael Linsner (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Unrest flares in Old Mexico. Revolution is in the air, and the Sisters of the White Rose are fanning the flames, seizing control of the capital and placing the corrupt governor on trial for his crimes against his own citizens. But as the rebellion swells, the governor’s masters have plans of their own. Gunmen, bent on killing the Sisters and Lady Rawhide, are on the move. There are killers a-plenty, all with shifting allegiances, with Lady Rawhide caught in the middle of a maelstrom of death and treachery…

Rawhide03-1 Rawhide03-2 Rawhide03-3 Rawhide03-4 Rawhide03-5 Rawhide03-Cov-Linsner

Brandon Jerwa (w)
Heubert Khan Michael (a)
Fabiano Neves, Lucio Parrillo (c)
2 regular covers will be shipped in equal ratios
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 Teen+
Lilith’s been keeping a secret, and she’s not the only one. When the truth comes to light, will Vampirella give her mother the benefit of the doubt…especially if Lilith’s secret concerns some of Vampi’s most sinister enemies? The answers to some lingering questions await within this issue!

Vampi37-1 Vampi37-2 Vampi37-3 Vampi37-4 Vampi37-5 Vampi37-cov-Neves Vampi37-cov-Parrillo

Arvid Nelson (w)
Wagner Reis (a)
Joe Jusko, Lucio Parrillo (c)
2 regular covers will be shipped in equal ratios
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature
Carlos Rafael “risqué art” retailer incentive cover
Wagner Reis “risqué art” retailer incentive cover
The Red Planet is a world of secrets, but Martians lack the innate curiosity of Earthlings. Why? Because on Mars, the past can come back to haunt you – literally! When John Carter discovers the inner workings of a mysterious tower over his capital, he unleashes an ancient evil that could lay waste to his empire!

Warlord31-cov-Jusko Warlord31-cov-Parrillo WoM31-1 WoM31-2 WoM31-3 WoM31-4 WoM31-5


Bob Greenberger (w)
Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Jusko, Paul Renaud, Francesco Francavilla, Lucio Parrillo, & more (a)
Joe Jusko (c)
FC • 320 pages • $39.99 • Mature
Since the first serialized adventures in 1912 of the Martian Princess Dejah Thoris and her beloved hero, John Carter, science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts have dreamed of the faraway Red Planet, its wondrous sights and monstrous perils. Fans and fine art lovers need dream no longer! In hundreds of full-color illustrations, the finest artists of modern fantasy have brought the dying world of Mars to life, depicting scenes of brutal conflict with alien beasts, quiet moments overlooking Martian wastes, and enticing visions of an exotic princess at her most intimate. This magnificent hardcover collection features the talents of Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Jusko, Art Adams, Paul Renaud, Lucio Parillo, Francesco Francavilla, and many more!

ArtOfDejah_Page_002 ArtOfDejah_Page_004 ArtOfDejah_Page_005 ArtOfDejah_Page_007 ArtOfDejah_Page_016 ArtOfDejah_Page_017 ArtOfDejah_Page_018 ArtOfDejah_Page_019 ArtOfDejah_Page_021 ArtOfDejah_Page_022 ArtOfDejah_Page_023 ArtOfDejah_Page_032 ArtOfDejah_Page_Cover

Brandon Thomas (w)
N. Steve Harris (a)
Sean Chen (c)
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Can the Voltron Force pilots survive their deadliest challenge yet: the menace of five evil lions, capable of forming an exact copy of Voltron? It’s been ten months since the death of the nefarious King Zarkon and the fall of Planet Doom. Now, Prince Lotar – heir to Zarkon’s throne and one of the galaxy’s most wanted terrorists – has returned with a promise to disarm his forces and make peace. While the Galaxy Alliance welcomes him with diplomacy, Commander Keith Kogane can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong… a suspicion proven correct when a near-indestructible Voltron double appears and lays waste to Earth’s moon! How will Keith convince his friends that Lotar is responsible, when Planet Doom itself is the evil Voltron’s next target?
• Issues 7-12 of the hit series by Brandon Thomas and N. Steven Harris
• Complete cover gallery featuring the art of Sean Chen
“Brandon Thomas and N. Steven Harris continue a supreme vision of Voltron for the modern age, with all the wonderfully fantastic big robot action that mirrors the climaxes of the classic television Voltron.”
– Comic Hype!
“Taking aspects of the Voltron we all know and love, Brandon Thomas has reinvented the entire series and excelled in making it brilliant.”
– Crave Online

VoltronVol02_Page_001 VoltronVol02_Page_006 VoltronVol02_Page_007 VoltronVol02_Page_008 VoltronVol02_Page_009 VoltronVol02_Page_010 VoltronVol02_Page_011 VoltronVol02_Page_012 VoltronVol02_Page_013 VoltronVol02_Page_014 VoltronVol02_Page_015 VoltronVol02_Page_016 VoltronVol02_Page_017

Mike Carroll (w)
Igor Vitorino (a)
Mike Mayhew (c)
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 • Mature
After her gangster uncles killed her parents, Jessica Blute survived only by faking her own death. With a new identity, she distanced herself from her past, got married, and raised a family. Then, many years later, she sought out her uncles and delivered brutal, bloody justice! What triggered the transformation of a sweet, loving, domestic goddess into a cold-hearted killing machine? Prepare yourself for the story of Jessie Blute’s lost years… and how her alter-ego Jennifer Blood came to act out the ultimate revenge fantasy!
Collects the 6-issue series in one volume and features a complete cover gallery of the art by Mike Mayhew.
“The storytelling in First Blood is great. Carroll’s use of constant flashbacks to tell the story of Jennifer is brilliant. He’s able to smoothly transition between the past and present, culminating the stories together in the end.”
– Blue Hen Comics
“The script by Mike Carroll ebbs and flows with the soul of the main series while clearly stretching its own narrative wings.”
– Unleash The Fanboy

FirstBlood_Page_001 FirstBlood_Page_006 FirstBlood_Page_007 FirstBlood_Page_008 FirstBlood_Page_009 FirstBlood_Page_010 FirstBlood_Page_011 FirstBlood_Page_012 FirstBlood_Page_013 FirstBlood_Page_014 FirstBlood_Page_015 FirstBlood_Page_016 FirstBlood_Page_017

Jesse Snyder (w)
Jason Craig (a)
Ardian Syaf (c)
FC • 176 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Ernest Fairchild was a kind, gentle soul… until one day something snapped, leading him to launch the most notorious killing spree in American history! What led an ordinary boy to become a leather-clad angel of death? How does he wield such blasphemous power? And what is the sinister secret behind the foul-mouthed, smiley-face button that incites him to kill? The founding fiend of Chaos Comics is back, reinvented for a new generation!
• Issues one to six of the series by Jesse Snider and Jason Craig
• Complete cover gallery featuring the art of Ardian Syaf, Dan Brereton, Joe Quesada, Stephen Segovia and many more!
• Writer’s commentary on issue one
• Issue one’s script by Jesse Snider
“Craig’s visuals and some new twists to the mythos, makes this reboot of an old character seem fresh despite the fact that the main character is a decaying corpse.”
– Ain’t It Cool News
“This book contains the amount of violence you would hope for and expect with the character.
The killings are varied and you don’t feel like you’re seeing the same things over and over. Jesse Blaze Snider is crafting a new origin for Ernie and, as a new reader, I’m enjoying seeing how it all unfolds.”
– Comic Vine

EvilErnieVol01_Page_001 EvilErnieVol01_Page_006 EvilErnieVol01_Page_007 EvilErnieVol01_Page_008 EvilErnieVol01_Page_009 EvilErnieVol01_Page_010 EvilErnieVol01_Page_011 EvilErnieVol01_Page_012 EvilErnieVol01_Page_013 EvilErnieVol01_Page_014 EvilErnieVol01_Page_015 EvilErnieVol01_Page_016 EvilErnieVol01_Page_017

Howard Chaykin, Bill DuBay,
Roger McKenzie & more (w)
Richard Corben, Jose Gonzalez, Esteban Maroto, Ramon Torrents & more (a)
Enrich (c)
FC • 328 pages • $49.99 • Mature
Vampirella, the alluring icon of horror comics, bids you welcome! The raven-haired hostess guides you through over thirty classic tales of terror and suspense, reprinted from issues #50-56 of the celebrated 1970s Vampirella Magazine. Visionary creators including Jose Gonzalez, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben grace these pages with such spine-chilling tales as, “Rise of the Undead,” “Bowser,” “Call Me Pantha,” “Dr. Wrighter’s Asylum of Horror,” and “The Headless Horseman.”

VampArchives8_Page_001 VampArchives8_Page_011 VampArchives8_Page_012 VampArchives8_Page_013 VampArchives8_Page_014 VampArchives8_Page_015 VampArchives8_Page_016 VampArchives8_Page_017 VampArchives8_Page_018 VampArchives8_Page_019 VampArchives8_Page_020 VampArchives8_Page_021 VampArchives8_Page_022

Garth Ennis (w)
Russ Braun (a)
Garry Leach (c)
FC • 88 pages • $16.99 • Mature •
In the dying days of the Second World War, a fiery crash leaves Russian fighter pilot Anna Kharkova both badly wounded and exiled from her own people. Anna begins an odyssey that will take her from the killing skies over Korea to the horrors of the Soviet punishment camps, her doubts about the cause she fought so hard for growing all the while. But at the top of the world, high above the freezing Arctic Ocean, the former Night Witch finds she has one last card to play. Written by Garth Ennis (The Boys, Red Team) with art by Russ Braun (The Boys, Jack of Fables).

BattlefieldsVol8_Page_01 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_06 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_07 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_08 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_09 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_10 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_11 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_12 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_13 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_14 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_15 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_16 BattlefieldsVol8_Page_17

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