MARKET SHARE: Top 300 Comics for November 2013


Diamond Comic Distributors has released the breakdown of comics sold in the direct market during November 2013. Marvel Comics was the top publisher for the month, but it was a very close finish as the company nudged DC Comics out 29.97% to 29.24%. The market equilibrium between unit share and dollar share seems to have stabilized over the last year, and it may mean that the big two have done all they can to dominate comic book world.  This means that the exciting scramble happens in the third to fifth place. Image Comics placed third (8.67%) with IDW Publishing not far behind at 6.68%. If you have been following the trends over the last couple of years, Dark Horse Comics has slowly slipped to the number five spot.

Comics sales in November, a four week month, declined by nearly 19% over October, a five week month. On the year, comics sales are up 11% over 2012 and graphic novels are up over 5% in the comic book specialty market.

Take the jump to see the complete rundown of the comics for the month, in a nice chart form, that you can sort and search.