Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Wild Dog Pizza Edition


A recent social media post reminded me of the existence of a minor DC character named Wild Dog, who was once heavily promoted to be the future of superheroics in the faraway year of 1987.  Though the character had a lot going for him, with some excellent art and a very timely premise, he dropped off the radar not long afterwards, with his only post-Reagan-era appearance that I am aware of during the massive battle sequence in Infinite Crisis.  Still, the gun-wielding hero from the Quad Cities isn’t the only “Next Big Thing” to not live up to the hype, as it wasn’t long after that ABC debuted a show that they hoped would change the world of police shows forever…  Cop Rock.  Even the venerated likes of ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ and ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ (important figures on the Major Spoilers food pyramid) were less than successful in their initial outings, no matter how devoted the fans have become in the years since.  This begs today’s query.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) fondly remembers when Wild Dog was sharing an anthology book with The Secret Six, Disco Bondage Black Canary and the last Green Lantern, asking:  What’s character, concept or show do you most want to see gain an audience and become a “cult classic?”