It’s been a couple of weeks since the epic 50th anniversary ‘Doctor Who’ story aired, and I’ve spent an awful lot of time mulling it over in my head, as well as interacting with my fellow nerds to see if others enjoyed it as much as I did.  The return to greatness after an inconsistent season made me happy, and gives me hope that the new era of ‘Who’ could be a real winner.  With that milestone out of the way, though, my nerdly high hopes turn towards J.J. Abrams upcoming ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ (which I hope has a better title than that, ’cause even The Phantom Menace is superior to just a Roman numeral).  Of course, since we’re all friends here (even Rob), perhaps this shift in anticipation also begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) occasionally likes to cut through the subtext and ask the question we’re all quietly thinking, asking: Time-Lord or Jedi?


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  1. Sonic Screwdriver is a heck of a lot more versatile a tool than a light saber. Jedi don’t need psychic paper to get into places. I’ll flip a coin…time lord. Funny, now I have an image in my mind of the late Sir Alec Guiness as the Doctor. It’s pretty great in my mind sometimes.

  2. “J.J. Abrams upcoming ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ (which I hope has a better title than that, ’cause even The Phantom Menace is superior to just a Roman numeral).”

    They have both, though. Phantom Menace was “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”, so I’m sure VII will have a chapter number and title to better mesh with the rest of the main film series.

    I’m gonna take a third option: Time Lord Mandalorian (and not just because I have that as part of a semi-humorous description in my Second Life profile as well as having Time Lord inspired Mando armor and a sonic screwdriver lightsaber). Going by the EU, Mandalorians adopt into their families and culture and it doesn’t matter what background or species you come from. So a Time Lord adopted as a Mandalorian would be fearsome indeed, even without proper beskar armor.

    • Nope, its Jedi code because they want all Jedi to be all “I’m better than you because I live a clean, boring, fun-free lifestyle”. There are plenty other Force using societies where they don’t follow the Jedi code and aren’t corrupted by the Dark Side.

      And Leia had midi-chlorians and wasn’t quite as stuffy (yeah, she was a politician, but nowhere near as stuffy as the likes of the Jedi Council). Of course, she did kiss her brother, so maybe she’s not the best example.

  3. Jedi. My whole deal over the last five years has been trying to get my ego under control. I feel like some Jedi training could really help me with this moreso than sitting zazen and doing yoga. But there’s my ego again, thinking there are shortcuts!

  4. That’s not a question. It’s a sentence fragment. Are you asking “Whom do you prefer, a Time Lord or a Jedi?” or “Which would you rather introduce to your parents, a Time Lord or a Jedi?”, or “Who is Greater, a Time Lord or a Jedi?” or “Which would taste better on toast with gravy, a Time Lord or a Jedi?” Please clarify…

    Honestly, though, I’d have to pick the Jedi over the Time Lords. I’ve watched and enjoyed a heck of a lot more Star Wars movies, novels, comics, and cartoon shows than I have episodes of Doctor Who. Let’s face it, a lot of Doctor Who is really bad, cheaply produced sci-fi on a par with the “Lost in Space” television show or movies like “The Green Slime” punctuated by a few moments of brilliance, where as Star Wars consists of some of the best sci-fi has to offer, deflated by a few instances of Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks.

    Personally, though, I think Star Trek in all its incarnations outshines Star Wars and Doctor Who combined, but that’s just my opinion.

  5. See, I know me… If i were a Time Lord, I would spend an entire regeneration sitting on the sofa eating nachos until I had a hearts attack, JUST to say I spent an entire regeneration sitting on a sofa eating nachos until I had a heart attack.

    If i were a Jedi… I would probably just say Screw it and become a Sith…

    Given the two choices… Nachos… I mean Time Lord.

    • i did that once.

      Well, you have to replace “eating nachos” with “getting fed intravenously” and “regeneration” with “time between heart failures when I was going through chemo”, but it is sorta the same thing.

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