FAN FILM: Riddle of the Mask


Old and frustrated, Edward Nigma is desperate for an opportunity, and he finds it when he kidnaps Helena Bertinelli, AKA The Huntress. Hotheaded and emotionally driven, she faces her life against giving up the greatest riddle of all.

  • Starring Charissa Saverio DJ RAP as The Huntress
  • Beau Marie as The Riddler
  • Adam William Ward as Vic Sage
  • Directed by Justin Zagri
  • Story by Adam Zagri
  • Written by Justin Zagri, Shawn Christopher Lebert, Adam Zagri
  • Director of Photography – Jesse Aragon
  • Music Composer – Alexander Arntzen
  • Sound Design/Editing – Jordan King
  • Editing by Justin Zagri
  • Production Designer – Chrissy Lynn
  • Producers
    • Chrissy Lynn
    • Frank Avecedo
    • Justin Zagri
  • Executive Producers
    • Frank Palmans
    • David Alberga
    • Jacob Aquino
    • Cara Christopher

This film is a non-profit, exhibition only short film. Batman and affiliated characters are property of DC Comics and Warner Bros.

“Should Have Known Better” used with permission by DJ RAP (Charissa Saverio)