DIGITAL COMICS: Select All-New Marvel NOW! Titles to Include Free Digital Collection


For a couple of years, both Marvel and DC Comics have provided codes with their physical books so readers can get a free digital copy of the issue. Now Marvel has upped the ante by giving digital codes for the entire first collection of that series for free.

“The .NOW issues provide a great first issue entry point for new and existing readers alike,” said David Gabriel, SVP of Print & Digital Publishing, Marvel Entertainment. “But by offering free digital collections with print issues, we’re offering fans who may not have experienced these exciting series a great chance to jump into the full story all at once, taking advantage of both the print and digital formats in a manner no other publisher has attempted! “

Seems like a good deal to me – especially if you are new to comics and are looking for ways to jump on board popular titles.

All-New Marvel NOW! titles that include a Free Digital Collection:

· Avengers #24.NOW – On-Sale 12/24/13
· Savage Wolverine #14.NOW – On-Sale 1/08/14
· All-New X-Men #22.NOW – On-Sale 1/22/14
· Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW – On-Sale 1/29/14
· Captain America #16.NOW – On-Sale 02/05/14
· Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW – On-Sale 02/12/14
· Nova #13.NOW – On-Sale 02/19/14
· Iron Man #23.NOW – On-Sale 03/19/14
· Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW – On-Sale 03/19/14
· Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW – On-Sale 3/26/14


via Marvel