VIDEO GAMES: Arkham Origins: Initiation DLC trailer


Downloadable content is a huge part of the gaming industry, with game like Borderlands 2 releasing new content over a year after the initial game launched. It comes as no surprise that Batman: Arkham Origins will have DLC also, but what might be surprising is that players won’t be controlling Batman through this extra content.

Taking Bruce back to before he put on the cowl to when he is training with Tongakure-ryu is a great concept considering what Arkham Origins set out to do. The Initiation DLC isn’t a story mode; however, it is a Challenge Map Pack that contains four unique maps and two original skins-Initiation Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne.

The Initiation DLC will be available today (Dec. 3) and will cost players $6.99. Will you be downloading this extra content to supplement your Arkham Origins experience? Would you rather see this as a story mode instead of a set of challenge maps? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

via ComicVine