Last evening, my daughter insisted that we had to watch ‘Despicable Me 2’, regardless of whether or not Daddy had any patience left after double-shifting holidays, flagrantly ignoring the stack of recorded television already on the DVR.  Still, when it comes to the Widget, I seldom argue too hard, as her instincts are pretty spot-on about stuff we’ll both like.  Still, given the choice, I’d join the legions of whiny know-it-alls who want to know why we don’t have a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’ yet, or perhaps start my own legion of people who think we should revisit Swan and the Warriors after their harrowing journey across New York City.  Sure, ‘A Christmas Story 2’ was a bad idea, but ‘Rambo’ is arguably a more enjoyable movie than ‘First Blood’, and the Friday the 13th Franchise doesn’t really get rolling until the third installment, which begs our sequelicious query for today…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still waiting to see what happened on the other side of ‘The Black Hole,’ asking: What movie/book/comic/modern-art-performance-piece-with-robots-finding-love/what-have you do you find most deserving of a sequel?


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    • I love the movie Willow, as does my entire family. I was surprised when I found out how many people consider it a ‘bad movie.’ I tried reading the books–even bought all of them sight unseen–but I couldn’t get in to them. It seemed almost like they took the characters from the movie and pasted their names on a completely unrelated characters in a completely unrelated story and killed off anyone they couldn’t find a correlation for.

      I didn’t get very far, though, and some day I’ll go back and try to read them again. because I always wonder if I’m just being too harsh.

      • Being a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, I thought the Willow novels would be similar and capture the same feel as the movie. But I have to agree that I found them lacking, feeling like they were a cut-and-paste of the character names over a different story.

        They weren’t bad books overall, they just didn’t feel to me that they fit with what the movie had established.

  1. Unbreakable. 2 more movies with Shyamalan NOT trying to twist the viewers into submission would have made him less of a joke and more of an innovator. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing an aftermath to Event Horizon (scariest movie ever made)

  2. I would like another Labyrinth, but only if they stick with muppets or go fully animated. And the designs need to stay with the the Jim Henson style. I would gladly accept Alan Rickman or Benedict Cumberbatch as the Goblin King if David Bowie turned it down first.

    I’ve watched this movie three times in the last two months because I keep finding out people i know haven’t seen it.

  3. I kinda think there should be a sequel to “Green Lantern”. The first movie was the origin story, so with that out of the way they could make the epic sci-fi space adventure it should have been, with a war between the GL Corps and either Sinestro (and possibly a secret Sinestro Corps he may have recruited by now), Manhunters or an invasion force from Qward.

  4. I will never stop wanting more Farscape.

    I still want a new Ghostbusters. That being said, I get the impression this never happened because Bill Murray said no. And he said no because what they had thrown together for it sucked. And no Ghostbusters 3 is better than a bad Ghostbusters 3.

    I want some sort of followup to the video game Rule of Rose, even if it’s only a spiritual successor. For those who’ve never heard of it (more or less everyone) think Silent Hill + Lord of the Flies + a bit of Pan’s Labyrinth.

    • Murray finally gave up the rights or some clause passed that negated his rights (conflicting reports, so I’m not sure which is true) since there is a GB3 in the works now, although it is still really early in pre-production (finishing the script and such from what I’ve seen). There are various articles and some GB fansites and wikis that have info from as recent as this summer (possibly more since I last checked) about where the script stands.

      Although as much as I want a new GB movie, I do get Murray’s point from some interviews. He basically said the first movie was something special, and he really didn’t want to rehash the same thing over again unless they had a script that was equally special. So I definitely agree that I’d rather see no GB3 than a bad GB3.

  5. Banzai and Swamp Thing
    with Alan Moore trimming
    a sequel to Preacher
    with Ennis a-brimming
    Whedon’s Astonishing
    or Carpenter’s Thing
    These would be some of my favorite things……

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