REVIEW: Molly Danger AudioComics


We’ve reviewed the first Molly Danger book on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and we found the characters and story interesting in the printed form. But what about as an audio drama? AudioComics has a brand new audio comic version of Molly Danger available, and we took some time to give it a listen.


Great adaptation
Production quality is high

Like the series, this one ends without any major revelations or resolutions.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆


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Creator: Jamal Igle
Voice Actors: Olivia DuFord, Robin Miles, William Dufris, Justin Reid, Lance Roger Axt, Michael Howard, Joshua Hughes, Tess Van Horn, Dave Marshall, Jennywren Walker, and Jay Piscopo, with special appearances by Elaine Lee and Jamal Igle
Publisher: Audio Comics
Price: $7.95
Molly Danger is the most powerful ten-year old in the world; she protects the citizens of Coopersville, New York from the villainous Supermechs, has thousands of devoted fans and more fame than anyone can fathom. But what she really wants is a friend, a family, and a normal life…

Meanwhile, the forces of evil are converging to rock Molly’s world…


As far as adaptations go, this one is spot on.  Everything from the first Molly Danger book is included in this audio production; all the characters, side conversations, and yes, even the tour through the Mollydome. For those who complain that faithful adaptations are hard to come by, Mighty does a good job of showing how a successful adaptation can be done.  I do think that those already familiar with Molly Danger will get more out of the production than those who are coming on board for the first time,


I love the Theater of the Mind, and the creators did an excellent job of bringing the world of Molly Danger to life between the ears.  There’s solid acting from everyone. I was particularly impressed with Olivia DuFord as Molly.  She brings energy and meaning to the character without it sounding like a young girl reading her lines.  Too many times – especially when listening to audio drama podcasts – the acting is over the top throughout the entire production.  Not so here. At times the acting is quite subtle, and even while listening to this project in the car with my two younger children, all the nuance and emotions of the characters comes through. This is a production you will want to listen to in surround sound or with both earbuds in your ears as the mixing of the piece really immerses the listener into the environment.


I’m glad I was able to sit down with my children to listen to the Molly Danger Audio Comic, while the two year old didn’t know what was going on, the six year old got a kick out of it, and wants to know what happens next.  And there lies the problem. There are very few downsides to the AudioComics adaptation of Molly Danger – the acting is great, the production quality is high, and the price point is just right.  However, this series ends like the comic book does, right a great cliffhanger moment that we have yet see resolved.  This may leave many feeling empty after listening to it, as there aren’t resolutions to plot points and mystery elements set up earlier in the story.  If you want to hear good audio drama based on a familiar superhero, Molly Danger: Episode One: Mighty is worth checking out.  I’m giving this AudioComics 4 out of 5 Stars.

Rating: ★★★★☆