The Alfonso Cuaron directed Gravity recently past the 500 million dollar mark in the box office and will be looking to make even more money when the 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD/digital super combo pack releases. Included on the Blu-Ray will be a short film directed by Gravity co-screenwriter Jonas Cuaron that features a character we only ever hear the voice of, Aningaaq. The seven minute short has been released early online and you can watch it after the jump. If you haven’t seen Gravity there is a slight spoiler, so now you know.

Aningaaq certainly shares the tone of isolation with Gravity, but it is lacking in the floating and 3D effects, which is just okay for this piece.

No word yet on when Gravity will be releasing so you can watch Aningaaq in higher quality, but when Warner Bros sets a date we will be sure to let you know.

via Hollywood Reporter


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