The buildup to the Golden Anniversary celebration of Doctor Who has been a thrill ride of ups (Night Of The Doctor) and downs (Ninth Doctor portrayer Christopher Eccleston’s seeming disinterest in returning to the role).  For my part, my biggest disappointment has been that too few of the previous Doctors are going to be appearing onscreen, a gripe that even I realize makes me sound like Veruca Salt.  If the speculation on the special proves anything, it’s that every fan has a theory about and high hopes for the Big Five-Oh, which begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “gah-lee-fray”) advises fellow Whovians to follow @dayoftheFishDr on the Tweety-pages, ’cause something’s brewing there, asking: What one thing do you most hope to see in the Doctor’s 50th anniversary outing?


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  1. One of my biggest wishes already came true with the surprise guest in “The Night of the Doctor”, who I’d really, really hoped to see one more time on-screen.

    While I truly wish they’d included more past Doctors, as of now my biggest wish is a good story that works.

  2. I want to see the Doctor’s family, the one that died before Time War. My pet theory is that the promise John Hurt broke was falling in love and settling down.

    I’d also like to see Jenny and or Susan.

  3. I’m still of the camp that more of the previous Doctors should have been included. Five Doctors handled a large cast fairly well, and I think it could be reproduced here. If all that was keeping it was Colin Baker’s coat, give him a new one, he wouldn’t have minded.

  4. I am hoping that the documentary “Adventures in Time and Space” was used as a cover for adding other Doctors to the 50th Anniversary.

  5. Most of the stuff on my list is impossible because of real world deaths (Dr 1, Brigadier, etc.). I would like to see them address Susan with something more than a throw away line. Also, I’d like to see them setup a spin off series starring Strax.

  6. 4 5 6 7 8 war doc 9 10 11 12 Valeyard(jayson) and CGI 1,2,3

    11 to 6 “the coat is cool, and I know cool look at the fez and bow tie”

    Not gonna happen but I guy can dream

    as for Susan the big finish story an earthly child is the perfect follow up to her tale

  7. I think I’d like to see Susan.

    The problem is, after 50 years so many of the actors have gotten rather old or have passed away, so incorporating their characters would be a problem; I would have loved to have seen the Brigadier interacting with the newer Doctors, for example, but that can never happen, unfortunately.

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