Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: It’s time for the party to leave the Mootlands, but how far are they willing to go to get to their destination?

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  1. Crystal Groves on

    Poor Orem. He has such bad luck with the ladies.
    Rodrigo narrating Stagzie’s “goodbye, riding into the sunset” thing was hilarious.
    Man, the Trelle/Ket adventure is going to be epic. I feel it in my bones. XD

  2. Ket and trelle ride off. Five minutes later the rest of the party caches up, and there standing by the road yelling at each other again.

  3. XantharTheFlame on

    Even if Trelle & Ket ride ahead, the best they can achieve is to cut the time in half, so instead of 3 weeks they get there in 1 1/2 weeks, say it takes 2 – 3 days to talk to everyone they need to (because I doubt they would get an audience with a King that quickly, especially since the new Seneschal doesn’t know them, and they weren’t part of the “Torqeltones” when they were in Diamond Throne 3 – 4 years ago….

    So at most they will save a week for the entire party. Is it worth it??

    They weren’t that worried about how much time they were taking to go see Randus’ parents or help the elves in the Everdeep (both of which, while heart wrenching, are not as important as the main mission). If they hadn’t tried to go see Randus’ parents, and simply waited for the iron, they would probably be a whole month ahead of the timeline here.

    Of course then we wouldn’t have met his parents, and the whole Everdeep adventure wouldn’t have happened… we’d never have gotten all the rich roleplaying in the Mootlands (especially the love interest stuff which was cute & funny)…. nor would we have had the chance to see Ket meld with an Eagle, and eventually lay a big egg…..

    So on the whole, I’m glad they made the previous choices, but it’s not what I would have argued for.

    Getting back to the main point … since they did do all of that and spent all that time already, is it really worth it to send Ket & Trelle ahead just to potentially save a week of travel time? I think not.

  4. Just listened and was shouting at the podcast but they couldn’t hear me-
    Trelle “couldn’t we put the iron in the haversack?”
    response “no, there’s too much”
    Me “You have half a ton! That’s a thousand pounds! The weight limit on the haversack is 1000 pounds! Load the iron in the haversack, disperse the stuff in it to the party members to distribute the weight and summon eagles. Why not ask Staggsy or Cloud if they could find another handy haversack or a bag of holding at the very least?”

  5. I remember Rodrigo saying there were mining towns near Diamond Throne and that was its main industry. Besides, in a town like Diamond Throne you would have tons of iron ore and many blacksmiths. And to forget Thony?, Just plain ignorant.

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