TOYS: OH, NO! Here Comes Toho – Go, Go, Godzilla!


With a new Godzilla movie just around the corner, it’s time to get our hands on some Godzilla toys from Toho.

Godzilla 1964
The 12 in. Godzilla figure 1964 version is known as “MosuGoji” from the fourth Godzilla movie that stands 12 “ tall, 27” wide with glaring eyes, ferocious head and detailed body movements.


Varan 1958
The 12 inch VARAN, also known as “Varon the Unbelievable,” is an exclusive terrorizing monster seen in the 1958 Toho kaiju film. Featuring a menacing look of anger with spiky spines running from head to toe, the Varan figure is truly an unbelievable creature to add to any movie monster collection.


Minilla 1967
Like father, like son, the young  1967 version, Minilla, stands at 7 ½ inches tall, looking innocent only to grow up to terrify like his father.

MinillaThe figures look great, but you better have deep pockets as each figure will set you back $80.00.

via Diamond Comic Distributors