Super Power Beat Down is a series dedicated to pitting two fan favorite characters against one another for a head-to-head battle and allow voters to choose the outcome. On their latest episode the White Ranger and Scorpion face off in an amazing well put together fight sequence. You are not going to want to miss this fight.

The first video is the full Super Power Beat Down episode with that features individuals explaining why each of the characters should win, but you can skip to the 4 minute mark if you just want to watch the fight.

Not satisfied with that ending? Well, as they mentioned at the end of the video there is an alternate ending and you can watch it below. In my opinion it is the better of the two endings.

If you like what you watched here, make sure to head over to YouTube to watch even more fighting goodness.

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  1. I like to imagine the first version is MMPR White Ranger and the alternate is Dairanger’s KibaRanger (since it was just a kid in the Super Sentai version). Partly because Tommy is awesome as any Ranger, and partly because KibaRanger bugs the crap out of me (which is one of the very few instances where I prefer PR over Super Sentai).

  2. Martial arts ability aside, are there any power rangers in the history of the super sentai series trained to kill? That in itself should guarantee a scorpion win.

    Now, green ranger in evil mode against scorpion, that might’ve been the fight to debate.

    • If you think about it, though, they do kill monsters/aliens/demons/whatever in several series. The only difference here is Scorpion is very nearly human in appearance rather than some overly monsterish appearance.

      There are a few Sentai Rangers that could fit the category of a killer (either by actions within the series or something that happened before), but Power Rangers is another story entirely thanks to the angry mother groups that think they should solve their problems with hugs and flowers.

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