Death Sentence came on the scene with an amazingly original concept.  A sexually transmitted virus that gives people superpowers and a six month death sentence.  While a little shaky, the first issue provided enough intrigue that I decided to pick up the second.  Major Spoilers has your review after the jump!


Story and characters have progressed
Great mystery unfolding


Overall Rating: ★★★★☆



Death Sentence_2_coverDEATH SENTENCE #2
Writer: Montynero
Artist: Mike Dowling
Letterer: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Editor: Andrew James
Publisher: Titan Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Death Sentence: Verity, Monty and Weasel have all contracted the G-Plus virus. While discovering their abilities, each are dealing with it in their own way. Verity’s power level is so great that it has attracted the attention of a government group monitoring the super powered. Things have not been going well for her.


I enjoyed the first issue of Death Sentence but felt that none of the characters were likeable. The second issue provides growth and I found myself liking and sympathizing with them. Except Monty. He’s a dick. Weasel’s public image is great but his personal life is in shambles. His ex is refusing to let him see his son, his bandmates and record label are abandoning him and his ability to phase through objects has led to his girlfriend being cut in half. Verity’s the worse off, finding her power levels are through the roof, captured by the government and stuck on an island. I enjoyed seeing more of the character’s powers and that their situations weren’t as good as initially shown. Each of their powers are better defined and understandable. I started to care for Verity and Weasel which didn’t drag the issue down as it did the first. My problem still lies with Monty and is immaturity. Using his ability to influence, he has slept with a nun and, in this issue, pisses in a pair of cops’ tea. Then makes them drink it. He’s such a pig I despise every scene he’s in. I’m hoping Montynero is setting him up for a giant redemption which would be nice, but for now his personality and immature humor are grating.

As well as the characters, the story has also grown. The first issue was clearly setup and here we’re shown just where the series is heading. There is a concern on the government’s part with those who’ve contracted the G-Plus virus and seem to be rounding them up. Action is ramped and Verity’s capture is written so well it’s almost straight out of a movie. The mystery set up is big enough that I’m dying for answers. Overall, an improvement from the first issue making this a must read.


Mike Dowling’s work stood out much more this issue. His ability to handle the action written was impressive and added to theatric nature. Details continue to be deep with settings appearing grimy, especially Weasel’s apartment. Weasel’s girlfriend’s severed torso was sickening, succeeding in portraying the horrific scene. The transparency effect used when Verity’s powers manifest was great and even though she’s invisible during the capture I was never confused as to where she was. Just like the story and characters, I enjoyed it more this issue.


I had problems with Death Sentence’s debut issue. The concept is wonderful but I didn’t like the characters and some of the art didn’t click. This issue improves in almost every way, showing why we should care for the characters (excluding Monty), provides a gripping cliffhanger and the art has wonderful action and detail. Where I was on the fence about picking up this issue, I’m now sure I’ll be checking out the third. Death Sentence #2 earns 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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