Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Legends of Red Sonja #1, The Shadow Now #2, Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #7, Lords of Mars #4, Vampirella #36, Pathfinder Goblins! #4, The Lone Ranger #19, Army of Darkness/Hack/Slash #3, Dark Shadows #22, and more!

Take the jump to see all the goodness before the books arrive in stores.

Gail Simone, Nancy A. Collins, Devin Grayson (w)
Jack Jadson, Noah Salonga, Carla McNeil (a)
Jay Anacleto (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Dynamite Entertainment presents a bold new experiment in graphic storytelling, as the biggest female stars in the worlds of prose, television, gaming and comics gather together to tell thrilling stories from the life of Red Sonja, which combine to make up her greatest adventure yet! This issue includes stories by Bram Stoker Award Winner Nancy A. Collins, and beloved Batman scribe, Devin Grayson, all braided together by an epic framing story told by Red Sonja scribe Gail Simone! This book is designed to appeal not just to fans of Sonja, but also the countless readers of these talented writers!

LegendsSonja01-Cov-Anacleto LegendsRedSonja01-1 LegendsRedSonja01-2 LegendsRedSonja01-3 LegendsRedSonja01-4 LegendsRedSonja01-5

THE SHADOW NOW #2 (of 6)
David Liss (w)
Colton Worley (a)
Tim Bradstreet (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
The Shadow Network is in tatters, Lamont Cranston lies near death, and Shiwan Khan is on the rise, but it’s a mistake to count out the Shadow! From the ashes of his ruined life, Cranston begins to rebuild all he has lost. Meanwhile, Khan expands his own reach, and a major new player in the Shadow continuity is revealed. It’s the Shadow like you’ve never seen him before!

ShadowNow02-1 ShadowNow02-2 ShadowNow02-3 ShadowNow02-4 ShadowNow02-5 ShadowNow02-Cov-Bradstreet

Mark Waid (w)
Ronilson Freire (a)
Paolo Rivera (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Now that The Voice has been silenced, a new menace threatens the city–and without the Hornet around to protect the citizens, can Kato survive as a solo agent?

GHWaid07-Cov-Rivera WaidGH07-1 WaidGH07-2 WaidGH07-3 WaidGH07-4 WaidGH07-5

LORDS OF MARS #4 (of 6)
Arvid Nelson (w)
Roberto Castro (a)
Alex Ross (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature
The legendary ape-man starts having second thoughts about his newfound Martians “pals”, the devious Therns, who just so happen to be the bitter enemies of John Carter. But all that might not matter – Carter is paying the Therns a little visit, and he and the ape-man are on a collision course that will change the face of two planets forever. Jane, the ape-man’s wife, goes looking for proof of the Therns’ treachery, and she ends up finding more than she bargained for. The sky erupts with fire in Lords of Mars #4 – War in Heaven!

LordsMars04-1 LordsMars04-2 LordsMars04-3 LordsMars04-4 LordsMars04-5 LordsofMars04-Cov-Ross

Brandon Jerwa (w)
Patrick Berkenkotter (a)
Fabiano Neves, Lucio Parrillo (c)
Order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ •
Vampirella’s new leadership role in the monster world has been as much a catalyst for division as it has for unity. Even with her recent victories, there are some who believe she’s heading down the wrong path…and Adam Van Helsing has decided that it’s time to let her know. Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship, right?

Vampi36-1 Vampi36-2 Vampi36-3 Vampi36-4 Vampi36-5 Vampi36-cov-Neves Vampi36-cov-Parrillo

Jeremy Holt, F. Wesley Schneider (w)
Christian Meesey, Jainai Jeffries (a)
Christian Meesey (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
In “The Gobbling Goblin”, as a small band of goblin’s forage for food, one of them tells the legend of Kronkshaft– a cautionary tale of one goblin’s ambition to eat the impossible, and the humorous series of events that his insatiable hunger gets him into. And in “Horsechopper”, everyone knows that goblins hate horses, even going so far as to craft vicious weapons called “horsechoppers.” So what happens when a pair of unsuspecting goblins suddenly come face to face with their worst nightmare one day? A darkly comic spin on a survival horror tale!

Goblins04-1 Goblins04-2 Goblins04-3 Goblins04-4 Goblins04-5 Goblins04-Cov-Messey

Ande Parks (w)
Esteve Polls (a)
Francesco Francavilla (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Beginning a series of stand-alone tales from the Old West, this issue revisits an unknown part of Tonto’s past. Tonto will finally come face to face with the rogue Indian braves who indirectly caused the deaths of his wife and son. The outcome of their meeting alters Tonto’s life forever. This issue also reveals how Tonto acquired his horse, Scout. Vengeance, blood and horses as a secret chapter of Tonto’s past unfolds.

LRv2-19-1 LRv2-19-2 LRv2-19-3 LRv2-19-4 LRv2-19-5 LRv2-19-cov-Francavilla

Tim Seeley (w)
Daniel Leister (a)
Stefano Caselli, Tim Seeley, Ben Templesmith (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Cassie and Ash are hunted by an elite squad of mercenaries known as The Dead Soldiers. But these aren’t just any old killers… they’re half-deadite! How will our heroes survive? How about a gory Wild West showdown, full of creative uses for mini-Ashes and tiny-Cassies?

AODHS03-1 AODHS03-2 AODHS03-3 AODHS03-4 AODHS03-5 AODHS03-Cov-Caselli AODHS03-Cov-Seeley AODHS03-Cov-Templesmith

Mike Raicht (w)
Nacho Tenorio (a)
Francesco Francavilla (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Evil Barnabas and his family of vampires triumphant and growing larger?! Say it ain’t so! Will anyone be able to stop them before they spill more innocent blood? And most importantly, can Julia and Willie return Barnabas’ good soul back in his body before it is too late? If not, prepare to enter a new even Darker Age on the Collinwood Estate.

DarkShadows22-1 DarkShadows22-2 DarkShadows22-3 DarkShadows22-4 DarkShadows22-5 DarkShadows22-Cov-Francavilla

GRIMM VOL. 1: The Coins of Zakynthos TPB
David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf (story)
Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey (script) José Malaga (a)
Photo (c)
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Set in the world of the acclaimed NBC series, Grimm, by the show creators themselves! Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt, joined by his mother Kelly, Hank, and Monroe, uncover family secrets long buried during their adventure in Europe. Hunted by Verrat soldiers, their quest to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos reveals dark secrets and promises death for a member of the cast!
Major Spoilers – “The pacing is quick and deliberate, much like the series.”
Den of Geek – “The book has the potential to feel like pure Grimm, a fun, if often silly world, where things can get tense and scary in a hurry.”

Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-5 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-6 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-7 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-8 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-9 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-10 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-11 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-12 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-13 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-14 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-15 Grimm-Vol-1-Interior-16 GrimmVol1Cover

Mark Waid (w)
Daniel Indro, Ronilson Freire (a)
Paolo Rivera (c)
FC • 184 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
The Green Hornet faces the most dangerous enemy in the his long and storied career: his egotistical and arrogant alter-ego, Britt Reid! A journalist with great influence in his city, Reid takes on the public persona of a social crusader, but he’s far too sure of himself and his judgment. When he finally oversteps his bounds, an innocent man pays a terrible price… and the legend of the Green Hornet may be forever tarnished! From the mind of superstar writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) comes a new era for the classic pulp hero!
IGN – “It’s a fun ride from start to finish.”
Newsarama – “Waid is clearly on top of his game here.”

WaidGHv1TP-7 WaidGHv1TP-8 WaidGHv1TP-9 WaidGHv1TP-10 WaidGHv1TP-11 WaidGHv1TP-12 WaidGHv1TP-13 WaidGHv1TP-14 WaidGHv1TP-15 WaidGHv1TP-16 WaidGHv1TP-17 WaidGHv1TP-18 WaidGHv1TPB-Cov

Rob Williams (w)
Jack Herbert, Marcio Abreu (a)
Alex Ross (c)
FC • 192 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Miss Fury, the original pulp heroine, returns! When the costumed adventurer foils a wartime plot by Nazi agents, a scientific mishap catapults her forward through time… or so it seems. Has she truly been propelled into the Washington, D.C. of the year 2013, where the Third Reich reigns supreme? Or is she merely the victim of a mental breakdown, a delusional witness to decades of bloodshed from World War II through the far-flung future? Whether lost in time or driven crazy, one thing is clear — Miss Fury simmers with rage, and those responsible will face her fearsome power!

MissFuryV1TP-Cov MissFuryV1TPB-7 MissFuryV1TPB-8 MissFuryV1TPB-9 MissFuryV1TPB-10 MissFuryV1TPB-11 MissFuryV1TPB-12 MissFuryV1TPB-13 MissFuryV1TPB-14 MissFuryV1TPB-15 MissFuryV1TPB-16 MissFuryV1TPB-17 MissFuryV1TPB-18

Tom Sniegoski (w)
Johnny Desjardins (a)
Michael Turner (c)
FC • 176 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
For years, the raven-haired heroine Vampirella has hunted the world’s supernatural threats, all the while fighting back her own bloodthirsty nature. After a night out in Boston leads to particularly brutal violence, she seeks comfort in her Brownstone home… but discovers the most unexpected surprise of all. Angels have been sent to her by God — and they come asking for help! Enter Janus, a former soldier in the legion of Heaven, who skirts the line between the damned and divine. Only a fallen angel can navigate Vampirella through the seedy, demon-run underworld, where she hopes to find the source of an addictive, body altering drug derived from archangel blood. Will Vampirella’s mission redeem her… or will she uncover secrets so shocking that their discovery will damn her forever?
Collects issues 1-6 and featuring a complete cover gallery and more!
“An exceptional realization of this storied franchise… Highly Recommended” – UnleashTheFanboy.com
“Should not be missed!” – SciFiPulse.net

VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Cover VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_006 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_007 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_008 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_009 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_010 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_011 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_012 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_013 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_014 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_015 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_016 VampStrikesTpb-Prev_Page_017

Keith Champagne (w)
Jose Luis (a)
Sean Chen (c)
FC • 136 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, the iconic heroes of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN, are together again… and at each other’s throats! The FBI recruits Austin to capture the serial killer Trench, who targets accident survivors gifted with bionic limbs and organs. But Austin disappears, and only Jaime Sommers has any hope of tracking him down. When their paths cross, will their tragic past and different tactics pit them against one another?

BMBWTpb-Prev_Covers BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_006 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_007 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_008 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_009 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_010 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_011 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_012 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_013 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_014 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_015 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_016 BMBWTpb-Prev_Page_017

The jungle has never been hotter than in the gorgeous pin-ups of this 2014 calendar! Featuring luscious illustrations by acclaimed good girl artist Frank Cho, the Jungle Girl calendar proudly showcases Jana, a lone beauty stranded on an exotic island overrun by prehistoric beasts. You’ll be captivated by her beauty and strength, as she escapes the jaws of dinosaurs and fearsome primates all twelve months of the year!

JungleGirl2014Calendar-Prev_Cover JungleGirl2014Calendar-Prev_Page_02 JungleGirl2014Calendar-Prev_Page_03 JungleGirl2014Calendar-Prev_Page_04 JungleGirl2014Calendar-Prev_Page_15

The beautiful heroine of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ science fiction masterpiece Warlord of Mars graces every page of this 2014 calendar! Dejah Thoris, bride of John Carter and warrior princess of Barsoom, commands attention with her powerful presence and alluring looks. Journey to the faraway Red Planet twelve months of the year with this exotic Martian goddess!

Dejah2014Calendar-Prev_Cover Dejah2014Calendar-Prev_Page_02 Dejah2014Calendar-Prev_Page_03 Dejah2014Calendar-Prev_Page_04 Dejah2014Calendar-Prev_Page_15

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