Major Spoilers Costume Contest 2013: Meet the Entrants


The entries are closed for the 7th Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest, and I think this year features some of the best costumes we’ve ever received.  Take the jump for a look at all the entrants in this year’s contest!

UPDATE: See all the semi-finalists, here!

Make sure to click the images for larger views of each entrant to see the craft that went in to each costume!

There were quite a few entries from the Big Two

Marvel Characters

captainamerica CitizenV cyclops ironman kang ladyoctopus marvelgirl rogue shehulk spiderman theorb thor ultron wiccan wolfsbane

DC Characters

aquaman batman  brainiac cassiesandsmark commissionergordon drfate flash giganta harleyquinn mera poisonivy raven redlanternmera riddler  scarecrow terra thejoker twofacerobinbatmanmontage

And a few from other places, including Randus from Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast!

angelarickgrimes jon-snow marceline MasterChief   streetjudgerandus

Really, a lot of fantastic entries this year! Great job everyone!

Check back on Wednesday when we narrow these entries down to the Top Five, and then Friday the top three will be unveiled and voting will begin!