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  1. How about a “monthly” review of comics from publisher’s other than the big 2? Valiant (my first choice), IDW, Dynamite, Boom, Image or Dark Horse.

    As for the review DC comics this week? Based upon the way you ended the video (must see), I would say this “week” of DC reviewed releases are “weak”.

    I had such hopes for DCU 52 way back in 2011, but dropped one title after another due to boredom. Is Forever Evil the DC version of Marvel Dark Reign?

  2. Favorite JAWIIN videos from youtube are “Batman Can’t Understand Bane” and “Girls at Wondercon 2012 Day 1″…so far.

  3. Jason’s review of the GL annual, let me know I am not missing anything.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing reviews of some of the other publishers besides the ‘Big Two.’

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