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Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness, saw a chance to alter reality and took it. The consequences of that decision played out in the pages of THE DARKNESS, as Jackie watched his world rot from the inside out while he was powerless to stop the corruption.

Now, writer David Hine and artist Stjepan Sejic are putting an end to Jackie Estacado in this landmark event in the mythos of THE DARKNESS with the release of THE DARKNESS: THE DEATH OF JACKIE ESTACADO, a 128-page graphic novel releasing this November.

When Jackie chose to alter reality by resurrecting a past love, he provided a pathway for an older, more horrible evil than the Darkness to enter the world. As long as Jackie lives, that evil will strengthen its hold on the world. In order for everyone to live, Jackie Estacado must die, and Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini, whose own life was irrevocably altered by Jackie’s choice, is his executioner.

THE DARKNESS: THE DEATH OF JACKIE ESTACADO follows up on recent events in THE DARKNESS, and is essential for anyone curious about where the Top Cow Universe is going to go next.


THE DARKNESS: THE DEATH OF JACKIE ESTACADO GN will be released on 12/11 at $9.99 for 128 pages, and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code SEP130525.

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  1. i hope it’s not a permanent death event since i believe jackie estacado is a great anti-hero character. a badass hitman with some degree of a moral compass capable of tearing his enemies limb from limb as well as lovingly holding his child. the darkness is one of images best characters along side savage dragon, witchblade, the al simmons spawn, cyberforce, pitt, etc. the two darkness games were great & i always thought the darkness would have made a great movie given the right treatment. perhaps image should do a complete reboot ala DC’s 52 or marvel’s NOW. and get their house together.

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