Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: The party pleads their case to members of the Seven Clans. For those who are new to the show, this might be a good jumping on point.

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  1. Crystal Groves on

    Yay, it seems like the party is starting to work as a team! I love Rodrigo playing the part of the outsiders with no insider knowledge. It’s amazing hearing them explain all the adventures they’ve been on.

  2. Sorry to nitpick, but this is bugging the heck out of me. Orim said that Cammis was born on the shortest day of the year, and then it was stated this was the “dead of winter”. That is incorrect. The shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, is the first day of winter, around December 21. The “dead of winter”, or middle of the season, is at the end of January/early February. The reason that the shortest day is not the coldest is because of the Earth’s water causes a delay in the weather. Currently the days are getting shorter and the Earth’s water systems are cooling. Winter starts on the shortest day of the year, and the days lengthen throughout winter and spring until the longest day of the year at the summer solstice. Even though the days are getting longer in the winter, the cold water keeps the Earth frigid. The same rule applies in the summer. Summer starts with the longest day and we receive less solar energy as the summer progresses. But since the oceans have been heating to this point, the heat energy in the oceans keeps the weather hot, even though the days are shortening.
    I know none of this applies because the game isn’t real, but still. Sorry.
    I’m a big fan and keep up the excellent work everyone.

    • Frederick aka Darth Macho on

      Wes, that is very interesting and informative, but keep in mind that not only were Orem and his sister not born on earth, but they weren’t even born on the natural world of their universe, but instead, were born in the Feywild. Who knows how things work there? I do wonder why the “dead of winter” would have any effect on the Spring Wood? Wouldn’t it always be spring there? The Feywild is so wacky.

  3. Ive noticed that Rodrigo has been letting the party dictate the pace more than in the early days, where they would be pushed around by the events. Is this a concious reflection of the increased power of the PCs? I.e. they are pretty powerful so can now make decisions more at their own pace and be pro-active?
    I know Rodrigo has given a timeframe from the Mandravo incident, but hasnt seemed to be interjecting and moving people on as much.

    Also, 10 mins describing peoples clothes.
    Does Rodrigo secretly desire a new life as a tailor?

    • Yeah, I agree, and I think it’s what makes this season less enjoyable than the others. The storyline has splintered into so many side-quests that the last bunch of episodes have felt like filler. Side-quests are fine – I’ve been re-listening to Critical Hit from the beginning, and the group has been pulled away from the main story before with great results, like when they went to Tuberville or before they left on their big mission in Shalai, but this is… dragging.

      I love RPing, but the party seems off-balance in a lot of the scenes. And plot points and characters sort of just fade in and then fade out again without impact. Like Randus’ family… what was their purpose? And why did we need to be introduced to so many elves?

      If I were an editor and this were a book, I’d cut out the vast majority of dialog, snip out some places entirely – like most of what happened in the woods with the elves – and try to spice up certain characters, like Randus’ family. Maybe the party should have split up or just gone to the Underdark right away… There are a variety of ways this could have gone that would have improved the flow of action. Rodrigo had a firmer hand on the group in the earlier seasons and without him directing them, they really fall apart.

      Maybe everyone needs a break. Maybe this game should be put on hold while someone else GMs another crawl for a while.

      This is a free podcast, and I definitely appreciate the work that everyone’s done and know that I’m not owed anything. But I can’t help but feel let down; I’ve invested a lot of time in this series and my enjoyment has been dwindling since they left the Fey Wild.

      • XantharTheFlame on


        I understand what you are saying for sure, and I mostly agree. I might be wrong (probably am), but didn’t Stephen mention in one episode quite a while ago that he stopped doing as much editing? So maybe the reason for your observation is exactly that?

      • The scene was the Party was talking about going to the Entrance to the Under-dark through Diamond throne.

        Stagizzy: Did any one of you sleep with the queen?

        Party -Torq: WHAT!?!

        Torq: Actually, I uh………nevermind.

        The rest of the of the scene was jokes about Smith’s luck with the ladies, Blessed pillow forts, Elven sleeping piles, but Torq kept commenting how pretty the queen is. When Torq was question family it was said that he had no more Orish family they where killed it a fight but how maybe he still had other family.
        Maybe human side or offspring…..

  4. I enjoy so much exposition episodes, expecially when every character gets to have the spotlight on him/her (sadly not on Torq). it’s also fun earing our protagonist recap a season :D. The last few episode had too much barriers in the decision making I feel. Everytime something was brought up we had a long discussion, which is fine, but to my taste it was a bit much.
    i’m glad we had the party working as a well oiled machine for this episode!

  5. steven Gilbert on

    I waited on this one because of my issues with the previous casts dragging on and arguing. Thanks, this was much easier to get through and I did enjoy listening again. Hopefully this will continue with a better balance through the characters.

  6. I like when Ket is addressing the leaders of the seven clans and says, “We…. Our plan is to go and confront the new Lord of the Fey Wild, the temporary lord of the Fey Wild, with implements and weapons that will be anathema to him with his new found fey powers. You can aid us with a one-time donation, or a better option is to encourage each member of your clan to support our continuing efforts with a recurring donation of two, five or ten gold pieces a month….” Great plan!

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