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The Bronze Goddess of Freedom Flies Again thanks to two Companies known for independent creations and innovative storytelling. LIBERTY GIRL by Barry Reese, adapted from and based on works by Dennis Mallonee, is now available from Pro Se Productions via a license with Heroic Publishing.

Pro Se, a leader in New Pulp and Action/Adventure Fiction, and Heroic Publishing, a force in independent comics since the mid-1980s, proudly announce the debut of the first volume of adventures featuring one of Heroic’s best known characters- Liberty Girl.

The Liberty Girl is a World War II heroine ripped from her glory days and rocketed forward in time to today, where she’s needed more than ever! Noted Pulp and Genre Fiction Author Barry Reese adapts Comic Creator and Publisher Dennis Mallonee’s debut Liberty Girl Mini Series into a prose novella. Also included in this volume is an original Liberty Girl short story penned by Reese. The book also opens with an introduction provided by Comic Book Legend Roy Thomas, the creator behind All Star Squadron, Infinity Inc., and more.

“It’s a really big deal,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions, says, “when two companies from different aspects of the publishing arena, especially two independents known for their own unique stories and styles, bring the best they have together to produce landmark work. LIBERTY GIRL is just that. Arguably one of Heroic’s most recognized characters has now been interpreted and realized in prose by one of Pro Se’s- and to be honest, one of Genre Fiction’s- most talented authors. Barry embraces the groundwork that Dennis built in the Liberty Girl comic series and builds a wonderful tapestry of heroism, power, and hope in what is truly one of the best works Pro Se has ever produced.”

“Sometimes,” Hancock continues, “everything just falls in place for a book. The right concept, the right writer to not only handle transition from comics to prose, but to create a brand new story for the book as well, and the right voice to weigh in on such a character with an introduction. Roy Thomas, the man who is responsible at least in part for me –and quite a few others, I know- pursuing my dreams to write, kicks off Pro Se’s LIBERTY GIRL with just the right words to set the mood for the stories to follow. And then wrap that in an absolutely stunning cover by the ever-talented Jeff Hayes, and this book- there is no other word. LIBERTY GIRL is the perfect storm of books.”


Edited by Thomas Fortenberry and Morgan Minor, LIBERTY GIRL is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print and in Ebook at Amazon for the Kindle, at Barnes & Noble for the Nook, and in most formats at

In coming weeks, Pro Se will announce more Heroic projects, including another Liberty Girl centered book as well as an anthology featuring another one of Heroic’s best known super heroines, Flare.


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