If you follow the Major Spoilers crew on Twitter, (And, really, why wouldn’t you?  We’re kind of delightful, especially Rodrigo) then you’re probably already aware of my appreciation of the beauty of a certain actress.  I’d apologize for my minor obsession, but I make no excuses for pointing out that someone is utterly adorable, especially given that I still remember how awesome it was to be the object of someone’s similar attentions some years ago.  (I was married, and he wasn’t my type, but that didn’t make it any less flattering…)  The Tumblrs and Photobucket’s of the intarwebz are full of those exclaiming their lurve for your Benedict Cumberbatches and Jenna Colemans, and as long as you have SafeSearch, it’s sometimes fun to see just how many superfans of any given actor-type you can dig up.  Even Andy Dufresne had his Rita Hayworth poster, which begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) likes to remember the important first rule of crush club, “You Do NOT Talk About Crush Club whileyourwifeislistening“, asking: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?*

*And let’s keep things above-board and appropriate, please.  :)


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  1. For the longest time it was Alyssa Milano, we are only four months aprt in age and I had it my head during the height of Who’s The Boss that she would be mine. I now spend my time stalking Karen Gillan.

    • I still remember when I had a crush on her back in the Who’s The Boss days, too. She was one of my first human crushes (my earliest crushes include Betty Rubble and Kimber from Jem).

  2. I WAS going to say Ayumi Kinoshita (Jasmine from Dekaranger among other roles), but my girlfriend said I’m not allowed to pick any of my Asian crushes. Not out of jealousy, but because I apparently don’t shut up about them and she thinks I need to spread some love to my non-Asian crushes.

    So I guess I have to go with Alizée Jacotey, who is just so yummy that I actually listen to her music despite hating pop music in general.

    Also Miriam McDonald (Emma from “Degrassi The Next Generation”) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzi from “Lost Girl”) are pretty high up on my list of celebrity crushes.

  3. I would take Maureen O’Hara right now even though she is in her 90’s. Every film of hers is great.
    The slightly more modern lady for me is Angelina Jolie.

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