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Digital publisher Lion Forge Comics launched two new digital comic books today based on the celebrated 1980s TV shows “Airwolf” and “Knight Rider.” Lion Forge acquired the licensing rights to the properties from NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products earlier this year, along with three additional properties that are set to launch this quarter.

Airwolf is developed as a fresh take on the original series, which centers around a high-tech military helicopter named “Airwolf” and its crew, led by pilot Stringfellow Hawke, as they embark on a variety of highly dangerous, international missions. The comic is written by David Gorden (Catalyst Prime: Accel and Catalyst Prime: Quincredible), with Koi Turnbull (Fathom) handling

Knight Rider, written by Geoffrey Thorne (Leverage, Ben 10), focuses on crime fighter Michael Knight, the character made famous by actor David Hasselhoff, and his Knight Industries Two Thousand (K.I.T.T.), an artificially intelligent and technologically advanced Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Jason Johnson (Wetworks, Godstorm) is on board as the artist for the comic.

“We can’t wait to let fans relive the action-packed experiences of these iconic shows not only as digital comics, but with contemporary events, technologies and other details incorporated,” said David Steward II, founder and CEO, Lion Forge. “We know readers will appreciate experiencing these stories with a modern twist, while still feeling like they’re reliving past shows.”

“It’s always gratifying to see our television properties reimagined in new and unique ways,” said Chris Lucero, director of Global Consumer Products Licensing for NBCUniversal Television. “With exciting artwork that complements updated storylines, I know fans of our shows will enjoy new adventures with these beloved TV icons.”
The comics are available now via the Comics Plus App and will be available in the future through the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Google Books and other e-book stores.

Lion Forge will also be releasing the first digital issues of popular NBCUniversal properties “Miami Vice,” “Punky Brewster” and “Saved By the Bell” over the next two months.

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