For many years, comics had to be dark and depressing. A hero also had to have a lot of inner conflict, sometimes even fighting his or her fathers’ cousin twice removed from another dimension. Oh, the conflict!

Thankfully, today’s storytelling is much wider in scope. You can find the darker stories if you want, but you can also read tales that are more straightforward and heroic, that are even suitable for all ages! (Don’t run in horror, kids! That’s a GOOD thing.)

A prime example of this is Captain Ultimate, which you can find at, an excellent comics creation site that I’m a big fan of!


It’s a book that the entire family can enjoy.
The clear, fast-paced storytelling is very appealing.
You can only access this series digitally, but hopefully a paper version will be available soon!

Overall Rating: ★★★★½



Writers: Benjamin Bailey, Joey Esposito
Artist: Boy “Boykoesh” Akkerman

Cover Price: $0.99

Previously in CAPTAIN ULTIMATE: A long time ago, the world’s most renowned superhero disappeared and justice was handed over to the grim-n-gritty vigilantes that blurred the line between the righteous and the wicked. Everyone forgot what it truly meant to be a hero… until the day the Giant Robot Octopus Alien Monster attacked! When one little boy finds the courage to stand up to this alien invader, it just might be enough to inspire the return of the world’s greatest superhero… CAPTAIN ULTIMATE!

(Cue the orchestra, please!)

I’m really happy to say that more “heroic” comics are on the rise, including Atomic Robo and The Perhapanauts, to name just a couple. If you enjoy those books, you should be sure to add Captain Ultimate to your list, even though you’ll currently need to download the book via


When I read Captain Ultimate, I often visualize fathers and mothers sitting down with their sons and daughers in their laps, reading the latest issue to them. Hey, the kids might even be learning how to read that way, which is how my Mom taught me.

The hero is clearly a good guy, and the villains are destructive and evil. The artwork is clear and easy to understand, and the stories are rousing and hopeful.

Captain Ultimate himself is a “father” figure in that he’s got a moustache and is truly “super-sized” when it comes to his muscles. But those qualities make him more endearing as a good guy.  He’s so wholesome that he even has a milk moustache at one point! Oh, and he likes meatloaf, too! We still don’t know his “real” name, and while that might bug some people, I’m fine with it. He’s a hero, and that’s great for now!

There are other characters in the series, including a boy the good Captain wants to be his sidekick. We also get a clear look at the darker vigilantes, who don’t take kindly to CU’s return since he steals the spotlight from them.

Even though I use the word “straightforward” to describe the tone of the book, it’s also got its share of mystery characters. For instance, just who is Ratcliffe, and how does she know his origin, anyway? I enjoy this balance between an “open book” character and some you have to keep reading to learn about.


Origin stories are always a good place to land in a comic book. After all, you begin to see just what motivates him to don the mask or belt, as the case may be.

This third issue tells Captain Ultimate’s beginnings, and it again adds to the “humanity” of the hero. I wouldn’t spoil too much, but originally he’s forced into being a baddie, something he’s really not interested in doing. When the opportunity arises for him to become a good guy, he leaps at it, and he makes the world a better place because of it.

The stories are fast paced, and since each issue only costs $.99, they are certainly worth your plunking down a buck online to check the series out. I would love more pages in each issue, though!


I know I keep referring to this in my column, but I think it needs to be said – variety in reading is so important. I love Batman and the dark and gritty heroes and villains around him, but I also enjoy “lighter” comics like Captain Ultimate, which make me smile and cheer. I even feel like I’m a kid again when I read it!

This series isn’t yet available in print, but I imagine that will happen one day soon.

If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous read, you should definitely seek out Captain Ultimate! (Cue the orchestra again!) And maybe you can get your Mom or Dad to sit down and read it with you!

Rating: ★★★★½


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