If you listen to the latest edition of the Major Spoilers Podcast, you will hear us briefly discuss Li’l Dynamites and the other kid-aged superhero titles and where that craze all started. As it would happen, later after recording I was surfing the net, as my grandparents call it, and came across a kid-aged Justice League art piece! Check out the cuteness after the jump!



After looking at that image it became extremely clear why companies do the de-aged superhero titles: they look so dang cute! I mean, just look at Martian Manhunter in his suit and tie!

Make sure to check out more of Yale Stewarts art over at his deviantART page.


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  1. Also, you might be wondering about the JL8 name, he did name it Young Justice League before and was given a cease and desist order from DC telling him to change the name.

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