As the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who approaches, it is time to sit back and think about the best and worst villains of all time. While we can come up with lists (because everyone loves a list), it’s much more fun to have the baddies get in the ring in a no holds barred battle for galactic dominance.

This week, it’s the Ice Warriors taking on the Yeti.



ice9The Ice Warriors and Ice Lords were a race of reptilian humanoids from the planet Mars, described by the Eleventh Doctor as biomechanoid cyborgs. They were also known as native Martians and simply Martians but at times were given the derogatory name of Greenies.

Adult, fully armoured Ice Warriors were large, imposing reptilian humanoids, up to seven feet tall. Unarmoured, they had flattened, scaly faces with sharp fangs and thin green tongues. (PROSE: Legacy, PROSE: The Medusa Effect, TV: Cold War) They had either five (COMIC: Ascendance) or three fingers, tipped with sharp claws. (TV: Cold War) At least some Ice Warriors had large black eyes, (COMIC: Descendance) though Skaldak had red eyes. (TV: Cold War)


yeti2The Yeti are fictional robots in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. They were originally created by Henry Lincoln and Mervyn Haisman, and first appeared in the 1967 serial The Abominable Snowmen, where they encountered the Second Doctor and his companions Jamie and Victoria.

The Yeti resemble the cryptozoological creatures also called the Yeti, with an appearance Radio Times has described as “cuddly but ferocious”,[1] disguising a small spherical device that provides its motive power. The Yeti serve the Great Intelligence, a disembodied entity from another dimension, which first appeared trying to form a physical body so as to conquer the Earth. Initially the Yeti are a ruse to scare off curiosity seekers, later serving as an army for the Great Intelligence.


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  1. Well I have to say the Ice Warriors take it here, they are tough and such. Also with the higher number appearances by far than the yeti, and even showing up in the modern series gives this to the Ice Warriors hands down.

  2. I simply have to be contrarian here,. The Ice Warriors are imposing and armored. The yeti are furry and delightfully odd looking – or at least lower budget looking. However, everyone knows that when it comes down to highly skilled, advanced, armored, heavily weaponed warriors and a race that could be described as “furry” or “cuddly”, furry and cuddly wins.

    I’m voting Yeti. Assuming my computer ever manages to submit my vote!

    • “However, everyone knows that when it comes down to highly skilled, advanced, armored, heavily weaponed warriors and a race that could be described as “furry” or “cuddly”, furry and cuddly wins.”

      Only if George Lucas is writing.

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