As a big, long-time Batman fan, I’m particularly fascinated by two things going on in that family of comics at DC.

First is the identity of Rewire in Batman Beyond 2.0. For the life of me, I cannot figure out just who that person is. I’ve researched and researched, and I’m stumped! Mind you, that’s a GOOD thing! Kyle Higgins is doing a terrific job of scripting the series, which is available digital first – with a notable exception this week!

Rewire’s true identity will be revealed early in the print edition of Batman Beyond Universe #3 coming out tomorrow! Of course, I’ll also have to buy the digital version that will be released on Saturday just to keep my collection complete and so I can read all the story in one place. DC loves it when I double dip!

Cudos on the story and art in that book! I’m hooked and looking forward to more stories from this excellent creative team.

I can’t wait to get to the store tomorrow if only for this issue!


If you followed the coverage of the NYCC this past weekend here at, you kept up with the best coverage on the Internet.

Batman, Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, The Face, Rewire, Batman Beyond, Greg Capullo, DC Comics, RiddlerOne item caught my attention recently, and it was referenced during the Batman panel, which I thought was incredible. Batman and his “family” are flying so high that I am so proud to be a fan and recommend ALL the Bat-books to everyone I can!

So, just what is “The Face?”

When the Joker removed the skin from his face, he ended up wearing that skin like a mask. Again and again I’ve seen Bat-creators refer to this skin as “The Face.” (It doesn’t refer to Two-Face, interestingly enough!)

Recently “The Face” made a huge transition from the Joker to the Joker’s Daughter, introduced into the DCU recently in Catwoman and during Villains’ Month.

We don’t know the identity of the young woman who found and now wears “The Face” but, if nothing else, she’s the spiritual heir to the Joker. (I’m sure it’ll be an interesting event when the Joker and his “daughter” meet face to face.)


What literally has me distracted is this question: What will the Joker look like when he returns? I listened to interviews with Scott Snyder, who said he will bring the character back although he doesn’t want to give any more details about it. (I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait!)

Batman, Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, The Face, Rewire, Batman Beyond, Greg Capullo, DC Comics, RiddlerSince “The Face” has been transplanted, will the Joker make his own visage resemble his previous appearance? Something new? A mask?

Just like the identity of Rewire, I feel like the Riddler at the end of  the “Riddler’s Reform” episode of Batman: The Animated Series, saying, “I HAVE TO KNOW!”

Granted, since “Zero Year” is in full swing (and gripping, by the way), it’ll likely be a while before we see the Joker return. Maybe he’ll appear in the Batman: Eternal weekly book coming in 2014, the 50th anniversary of the Dark Knight? Here’s hoping.

As much as I’d love to forecast what’s going on, I’ve learned that Mr. Snyder and Mr. Capullo always exceed my incredibly high expectations, so I’m (mostly) able to patiently wait for all to be revealed. But there are times … .


It’s true of television, and it’s also true of comics. When I can’t figure out what’s going on while knowing I’m anxious to find out just what’s up keeps me reading comics. Batman and Batman Beyond 2.0 are great examples of excellent writing teamed with eye-popping art.

If you aren’t reading these books (and the rest of the Batman line), I very strongly recommend you dive in and discover this “dynamic” (Sorry, I just had to say that!) family of comics.

And so I sit here, on the edge of my seat, until tomorrow, and then in the future to find out what’s happening next. This is truly what makes comics worth reading for me! I can’t wait!


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  1. I am not liking it as much. This is not because I think the story is terrible. It’s
    because I know it won’t be a lasting thing. I keep reading about that face and my mind keeps telling me “It’s just a temporary thing to shock us and one day Joker will return to normal.” Just like everything else in DC and Marvel, nothing really changes. Just like we will get another dark haired sidekick for Batman.

    I wish this was not the case. I rather the Joker be dead forever and this new Female Joker take his place. I feel like when they get tired of the DCU they should just reboot the whole thing and start over from Day 1. Until then let the characters age, get killed, turn into lightning bolts and hit themselves in the chest, etc.

  2. So is Snyder’s comment about eventually bringing the Joker back an indication that he is staying on Batman for a long time? I ask, because I was under the impression that Zero Year was his last story arc.

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