Looking for all the announcements that Marvel made at the New York Comic Con? Take the jump, my friend. Take. The. Jump.


  • Sad news for fans of Fantastic Four and FF. Marvel announced the two series will end with issues #16…. FOREVER!
  • Don’t feel to bad, with the relaunch of a number of books, the first family of comics won’t be gone for long is our prediction.

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  • There’s going to be “the birth of a new Goblin.”
  • Goblin Nation kicks off in February 2014.
  • In the Superior Spider-Man Annual, Aunt May gets to see the darker side of the hero.
  • Peter Parker returns! In a flashback… sorry… couldn’t resist.
  • What happens when Doc Ock (hint: he’s Spider-man) teams up with other heroes?  We’ll get to see it work or fall apart in more issues of Superior Spider-Man Team-Ups.


  • We’ll finally get to see Miracleman #25. It will appear in January 2014.

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  • Avengers A.I. – It’s the Avengers ten thousand years in the future
  • Avengers World – All of Earth is under the Avengers’ protection. Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer are taking that statement literally.
  • Avengers Undercover – “A quintet of teenage heroes sets out to become villains in order to destroy them from the inside.” Look for it in March.
  • Secret Avengers – Kot will be taking the series solo in March with an all-new #1. Look for Spider-Woman to join the team.
  • Are you ready for Loki: Agent of Asgard? It’s coming in February 2014. The series will be written by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett. Expect a lot of lies.



  • Phil Noto and Nathan Edmondson will take on Black Widow.



Ales Kot and Garry Brown will launch a stand alone Iron Patriot series in March 2014. James Rhodes will be the central focus.



  • Look for the Spirit of Vengeance to return to a monthly book in March, with Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore leading the series.
  • Electra returns under the control of Zed Wells and Mike Del Mundo.
  • Captain Marvel #1 hits in March with Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez.
  • The Punihser is coming from Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. Frank Castle is moving to the West Coast.
  • The New Warriors return in the spring by Chris Yost and Marcos To.


  • Dan Slott and Mike Allred will work on the title.

The hardest thing about working on something you love so much is having to keep it a secret. But it’s not just a incredible relief when a project is finally announced, it’s a powerful thrill! So, today the SILVER SURFER series I’m doing with the equally jazzed Dan Slott was officially announced today at NYCC with great enthusiasm and the response has been wonderful. This project means too much to me to even attempt explaining here without writing an entire chapter to my life story (which would be of questionable interest). Suffice to say I’M OVER THE MOON! This is gonna be OUT OF THIS WORLD! – MIKE ALLRED



  • What would happen if vampires got caught up in the zombie apocalypse? George Romero is going to show us in the new series.


  • It was announced several weeks ago, but if you missed it, the hero will get a new ongoing series.
  • Look for an all new costume.


Those anxious for movie news, here you go; production has wrapped on the cosmic flick.



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  1. Ugh. I was less than pleased with the soft numbering reboot on Avengers, now we see it on a number of books? Seems like the only corner of the universe (currently) safe is the Webslinger and the X-Books, (though a few major solo books like Iron Man and Captain America haven’t seen a relaunch.)

    The new titles that really catch my interest in the list are Loki and Avengers Undercover, which is really going to depend on who their cast is. Rhodey has been hit or miss for me in solo books, and while DeConnick was great in the opening arc of Captain Marvel, Carol’s further adventures really left me unfulfilled.

    Question for everyone that may or may not have been posed on the podcast, (Shame on me, I’m a bit behind,) is it just me, or does it feel like Marvel’s not pleased with the way their relaunchbootstart/mulligan went the first time, last year? Otherwise, why renumber a bunch of currently existing comics, other than to sell the bajeezus out of those new number ones?

  2. So what were all those teasers about? I’m not seeing a connection between the “Rad” and other teasers and the new titles. Am I missing something?

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