As many of you may know, Mark Hamill will not be returning to voice the Joker in the upcoming Arkham Origins video game. Troy Baker will be stepping in to give life to Joker and fans were given a taste of his talents as he read lines from The Killing Joke during a panel. Voice talent fans, Arkham series fans, and Batman fans in general will not want to miss this.

Jump ahead to the 2:10 mark to jump right into the reading.

It would seem that the series won’t miss a beat now that Baker has replaced Hamill.

Arkham Origins will hit shelves October 25, 2013.

via Batman Arkham Videos


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  1. He sounds like he is trying to imitate Hamill, not as much portray the joker. Granted the Hamill Joker is Iconic and pretty much the voice in my head when I read anything in the comic, I think I would respect a more orriginal take.

  2. I haven’t played any of the Arkham Asylum games, but I did play Bioshock Infinite, in which Troy played the main character Dewitt. I thought his performance in that game was brilliant, he even sang. So I have confidence that he will do a fine job.

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