This weekend has been an interesting one for me, having spent most of it lying on my couch in various states of semi-consciousness getting over a fever.  At one point, I was flipping back and forth between channels, watching the climactic sequences of ‘Titanic’, ‘8 Mile’, and ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ at the same time (a surreal experience that I highly recommend), and half-watched the second Harry Potter movie for about ten minutes before my daughter informed me they weren’t speaking English.  The wonder that is Spanish-language cable networks aside, I also dreamt that I was in the Robocop cartoon and that we were accompanied into the field by Snarf from Thundercats, during which mission Robo and I spent some time discussing why we didn’t have a better sidekick.  Whether this was due to my illness or just me being @#%ing weird, this peculiar landscape (cartoon Robocop still had the live-action face of Peter Weller) does beg a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants a talking monkey, preferably in bright pastel colors and/or able to fly, asking: If your life were being adapted as an old-school cartoon and you were required to choose, what cute talking animal/robot/freaky thingamajig do you want for your sidekick?


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  1. RAM_evilspaceknight on

    7 Zark 7 . A robot with a cape and HIS own sidekick.
    On a side note -Can we make a renewed push with that funding goat? Every time I look at it all I see are goat nads.

  2. Raul, the talking cat from American Flagg. Who wouldn’t want a cat who could talk? My first choice was actually the claymation monsters from the cave in “Flesh Gordon” because there’s no way anybody would want to watch the story of my life anyway, and what better way to stick a thumb in the viewer’s eye, but I can’t name those monster because I don’t want to get censored.

    • I was trying to think of Glomer’s name when I was thinking up an answer, but it just kept eluding me and I didn’t feel like Googling it (I’m sick and on meds that make me cranky and irrational, cut me some slack!).

      I was tempted to list him or R2-D2/C-3PO (because of the “Droids” cartoon) or FX (magical alien doll from “Fantastic Max”).

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