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UPDATED: In an unprecedented move that has shaken the public relations business to its core, the irreverent comedy magazine boldly reissues press release regarding its book. Shocked industry insiders say this is “Big. Really Big!” …“Could be the way of the future in P.R.” … “A game changer no one wants!”

For more than six decades, MAD Magazine’s irreverent humor has warped the minds of countless readers. Now MAD’s legendary writers, artists, and celebrity fans pull back the curtain, or lift up the venetian blinds, or some window treatment analogy like that, to share and comment on their favorite MAD spoofs of all time in Inside MAD (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; $29.95 Cheap!), on sale October 29, 2013 at retailers nationwide and

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who wasted their formative years reading MAD wound up as a complete failure. Despite having their minds irreversibly rotted by the magazine, some readers actually went on to be, well, successful! And now, for the first time ever, these successful readers share what reading and appearing in MAD meant to them!

Roseanne Barr, Ken Burns, Dane Cook, Paul Feig, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Hamlin, Tony Hawk, Ice-T, Penn Jillette, George Lopez, David Lynch, Todd McFarlane, Jeff Probst, John Slattery, John Stamos, Pendleton Ward and Matthew Weiner all ignored their management’s advice and contributed essays to Inside MAD.

But wait—there’s more! (Regrettably.) To get the perspective of highly unsuccessful people too, MAD – an imprint of the much more successful DC Entertainment – invited its own editors, writers and artists to share their all-time favorite MAD articles. Contributors include: Sergio Aragonés, Tom Bunk, Tim Carvell, Paul Coker, Jack Davis, Dick DeBartolo, Desmond Devlin, Mort Drucker, Mark Fredrickson, Drew Friedman, Frank Jacobs, Al Jaffee, Peter Kuper, Tom Richmond and many more. (Not to be confused with noted writer Manny Moor.)

As a bonus, Inside MAD also features an all-new, specially-commissioned gatefold poster by Sergio Aragonés illustrating the mayhem of the legendary MAD offices and a never-before-reprinted Alfred E. Neuman pop art poster!

Speaking from MAD’s international headquarters in midtown Manhattan, MAD Editor John Ficarra said, “Dammit, I told you not to call me here! I’m NOT paying you! Oh…er… excuse me. I thought you were someone else.”

Inside MAD offers a rare look into the twisted minds of the writers and artists who have produced the magazine for the past 61 years. The editors would like to say it’s illuminating and insightful, but unfortunately they can’t – they’ve read it.

MAD at New York Comic Con: Those looking to get an additional dose of the iconic magazine’s acclaimed wit and snark can visit the Mad About MAD panel at New York Comic Con on October 12 from 11 AM – 12 PM (Room 1A14), led by Editor John Ficarra and a laughter-inducing cast of characters.

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