This week marked the kickoff of the 7th Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest, the time for you, the Faithful Spoilerites to show off your creativity and cosplay skillz (spelled with a ‘z’ because it will always be 1994 in my head.)  Given appropriate funds, and were I not hideous, I think I’d enjoy being a cosplay hero (albeit one without a terrible fake reality show.)  Number Six?  Ultra Boy?  Severus Snape?  Han Solo?  I’d have a million faces, and I’d rock ’em all.  Sadly for my showoffy tendencies, I’m not built for The Flash, and have too much pride to try something like Jabba The Hutt, but I am curious about a few things…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would dress up as ‘Zed’, if only I had the lederhosen and thigh-high boots in my size, asking: What would be your perfect costume idea?


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  1. Got a few, the first of which I’m currently in the process of working on.

    1: Custom Mandalorian armor. While still recognizable as Mando armor, the plan is to adapt other styles of Mando armor from various games, comics, stories, etc. and use the EU idea that a Mando often wears a piece of armor of a fallen friend or loved one. It won’t be entirely patchwork, but each “borrowed” piece is going to be in memory of someone I’ve actually lost.

    Among the armor bits will be a clawed gauntlet inspired by the Taung, the original species that were the original Mandalorians, which look a lot like the “Predator” creatures and their armor.

    2: Custom hybrid Sentai hero similar to Gokai Christmas or Go-On Wings. Alternately, a custom Dekaranger costume (this is most likely what my next project will be).

    3: A Nightsister, closer to how they appeared in Star Wars Galaxies and some comics rather than how they appeared in the Clone Wars animated series, but I’d like to merge elements of both.

    And for “Just how it looks in the original media”,
    4: Dark Supergirl. I’m a tall blonde, Supergirl has been a go-to costume since I was a kid and a friend and I used to go to cons as Supergirl and Wonder Woman. But I think Dark Supergirl is much more fitting because then I can behave more like myself (which isn’t really “evil”, but not quite so goody-goody either), and I think I’d look cute in the costume.

  2. Ohh, every year at Halloween I wrestle with this, because I’d love to have a nice costume, but I don’t want to do it if I can’t do it well. Funds always become an issue. If I could do whatever I’d want, I’d do Snake Eyes, Mr. Miracle, and Aquaman.

  3. Not sure if it counts as “costume” but If i had the time and the money i would love, love, LOVE a fullsize Dalek costume with the plunger and the whisk-gun and of course a built in voice changer box.

    Best part is, it kind of fits my bodyshape!

  4. If I were going full superhero costume, (and had the money) I’d go with either Mister Miracle or Blue Beetle III.

    Otherwise I’d love to Jonah Hex with the full on make-up.

  5. With money not being an issue always wanted to be one of the Ghostbusters with the movie realistic proton pack and trap. Alas those babys run anywhere from 1200 to 2000 fully built and tricked out. Also would be into making my own Steampunk character but once again high quality parts are uber expensive.

    • Not if you are patient with it. I managed to get my Proton Pack built for under $150 by assembling the parts as I found them at yard sales, flea markets, pawn shops, etc. I did cut a few corners, so it isn’t a 100% screen accurate duplication (Probably only about 85 to 90%), but I’ve been complimented by people who spent thousands to build theirs.

  6. A really good Martian Manhunter cosplay would be the dream for me – new 52 style.
    Just because it would be awesome to walk around as him for a day.

  7. As I presently look, Gotham by Gaslight Batman, Gandalf (Which I have done very well) or even Hunter Rose grendel (I don’t have the body to pull of Sparr).

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