A few years ago, I had the misfortune of getting interested in early episodes of a new Fox network show, something which any Browncoat or fan of The Sarah Connor Chronicles will tell you is always a crapshoot.  This particular program was the story of an underground cross-country race with an unknown prize, held by unknown persons, in which not all participants were willing.  It lasted four episodes, but in that time, I found myself annoyed by the character of Violet, a teenage girl who never seemed to quite find her character’s voice.  Flash-forward a few years, to find that the actress behind Violet (one Emma Stone) has grown into a very impressive actress, and a pretty young woman besides, leaping to the top of my theoretical crush list.  After her turns in ‘Zombieland,’ ‘Superbad’ and, yes, I saw ‘The Help,’ I can’t help but marvel at how perspectives can change.  This, in turn, begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) had a similar reaction, albeit in the opposite direction, with Julianne Hough, which would probably have deep philosophical meaning if I wasn’t hypnotized by Miss Stone’s smoldering gaze, asking: What actors or characters, that you now enjoy, did you used to dislike (or vice-versa)?


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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio – a lot of his early stuff was catering to an audience that decidedly did not include me. But, I feel like he’s really matured into a much more well-rounded actor.

    Also, Adam Sandler – not because he has changed or his work has changed… for some reason he used to annoy me a lot, but now I can appreciate his work without being annoyed. Something in me changed, not him…

  2. Megan Fox. I thought she was just gorgeous when I first saw her in Transformers, but the more tattoos and more quotes I hear from her the more I can’t stand her.

  3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Used to dislike him on “3rd Rock From the Sun”. Something about him rubbed me the wrong way, maybe it was the long greasy hair. Didn’t like him. Now, just last weekend the wife and I went to see “Don Jon” due to the fact that he wrote, directed and starred in it. He’s certainly become one of the most talented actors of his generation.

  4. Jim Carrey – I can’t stand a lot of his early stuff (although Once Bitten was enjoyable), but his parts in The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are two of my favorite performances from an actor.

  5. Steve Carell. At first he was that annoying guy from the scattered few The Office episodes I saw… but now he’s one of my favourite actor guys ever.

  6. Years and years back, I used to like Shatner, but the more I hear him speak, the less I like.
    Will Wheaton, is just the opposite, is role as Wesley Crusher soured me to him, but the more I hear of him, the more I like him.

  7. Brad Pitt – I used to think he was just another Hollywood hart throb pretty boy, but once I saw Fight Club that all changed in my mind.

  8. Like to Dislike: Shia LaBeouf. He used to play the funny little brother on some Disney series that I was mildly entertained by, and I thought he was hilarious. I still think he’s done some decent work in other films, but he just really rubs me the wrong way now.

  9. I used to like Adam Sandler when I was a youngster, but now you couldn’t pay me to watch one of his movies. Seriously just the same moronic stuff every time.

  10. Scarlet Johansen– I just always thought she was terrible. And maybe it is the fanboy in me, but when she first donned the Black Widow persona in Iron Man II, my whole idea of her changed. She only furthered my respect for her when she reprised the role in the Avengers, and now in Don Jon…. Wow.

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