You Made the Card 4 is finished, and Wizards of the Coast has shown off a mock-up of the final look.

Waste Not

So, that’s actually pretty good there. Especially if Theros is still in rotation when this comes out it may see play. You can see a more detailed history of how the card came to be here. But we now want to know what you all think of the card, use the comments section below to tell us.


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  1. This is a really powerful card for just a 2 drop. If you can draw this in the middle of the match I think you may have locked in the game. Need to start playing aging, this my get me to try harder.

  2. When I saw the text for the card, I immediately decided that it would be unplayable if the CMC was greater than 3. A CMC of 2 makes this pretty nice. The fact that they refer to “cards that result in multiple discards start at 3 mana” would indicate that it’s going to be decent in upcoming Standard but I think this is a card that goes straight into Modern. It becomes so much better when you’re opponent do not control which cards they are discarding – either because it’s random discard (e.g Black Cat) or you are selecting the card to be discarded (e.g. Thoughtsieze)

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