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  1. I think I feel a bit underwhelmed, but that may just be because it played out exactly like one would think after the last few episodes. All in all, this was the ending that the series deserved.

  2. ***********SPOILERS, SWEETIE*************

    One thing that bothers me: the wound. I get the idea of Walt being killed by his own creation, that plays nicely. However, the entry point for the shrapnel/ricochet is the one thing I can’t get over. He was lying, stomach down ontop of Jesse. It hit him front right abdomen. It didn’t go through his back and exit out the front, as they showed his back and he was fine. Jesse wasn’t hurt, didn’t even notice Walt had been hit, and didn’t have any of Walt’s blood on him. I also don’t think he should’ve told Lydia he poisoned her and spell it all out for the audience. “You sound ill. Get better soon.” would’ve been much better.

    I’m probably just being picky, but that show payed such good attention to details, it’s hard to just let go of something so important as what kills off it’s main character.

  3. I was whelmed. Not disappointed, nor overly excited. That said, I think the ending was perfect for the show. The tone was somber, which reinforced the mixed emotions toward Walter many of us have felt, and there was poetic justice in each plot line’s closure.

    ************SPOILERS below*************

    I wish Walter would have apologized to Skylar. I’m glad they put Jesse on the highroad and didn’t shoot Walt. That would have been too easy. I’m glad that Walt’s last bit of humanity showed through when he saved/tackled Jesse.

    I generally agree about the wound, but, for me, to fixate on that detail seems to undermine the impact of the overall story. I disagree that Walt telling Lydia about the poison was spelling it out. It was actually consistent with the way Walt likes to “twist the knife”. Reference him telling Jesse he let Jane die.

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