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    • Exactly why I voted for Dexter. Like you said, Phineas may come up with his ideas by himself, but he relies on Ferb to do most of the designing and legwork. Dexter created a massive underground laboratory full of inventions BY HIMSELF…He needs assistance from NO ONE.

      Dexter all the way.

  1. No contest.
    Dexter will win.
    He is able to keep a complete secret life going with borderline diabolical schemes.
    His sheer force of will is gonna outlast any dumb luck that Phineas can pull off.

    And Perry won’t be able to help, because DeeDee will be patting and dressing him and loving him foreeeever!

  2. Phineas wins hands down. He would just pull a Di-di and foil Dexter’s plan before he could complete it. If Didi and Ferb are there it becomes even more obvious as it would be 3 on 1.

  3. Not only does Dexter share a name with a dangerous serial killer, but he wears glasses that can hide his devious intentions behind his eyes. Flynn will never see his defeat coming. The win goes to Dexter.

  4. I know what Phineas is going to do today, Dexter just gave it to him. Phineas will outsmart him in no time. Yes, Yes he will. Also I’m sorry have you seen pissed off Phineas. I have only seen it twice and even I did not want to see what came after. Phineas will outsmart Dexter by a long shot.

  5. Dexter, Phineas seems to be the kid who would back out if the fight got too real. While Dexter has been shown to be able to go the ends of the Earth to get things done.

  6. Easily Phineas. I grew up with Dexter but he has anger issues, and although he has an entire lab under his house, he has more problems getting things done.Both have been caught by their parents, Dexter’s were then brainwashed/erased, while the Flynn’s were just oblivious, meaning they could probably get away with more. on occasion Di-di got involved and 1/2 screwed things up 1/2 helped, while Candace has actually helped the boys a few times. but seriously, Phineas, and as Matt pointed out, if Ferb in added then no contest whatsoever.

  7. Phineas Flynn would win hands down. Time and again he and his brother Ferb have cobbled together amazing devices out of almost literally nothing/anything. Dex -has- to have his lab to build things, a major crippling disadvantage.

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