MERCH: Walking Dead and Ghost Rider Bottle Openers Add Geek Cred to Bottled Beverages


I hate the bottle openers at the Major Spoilers HQ. They are general store end aisle grabs, and while they do the job (for the most part), they are plain and boring, and I don’t set them out when company comes over – which probably explains why everyone is so thirsty on game night.  Diamond Select Toys has two new bottle openers that are now on the “Under Consideration” list, and just may find their wide mouths grabbing the next bottled beverage when company sits down on game night.

Walking Dead One-Eyed Zombie Metal Bottle Opener
It’s another new Walking Dead product from DST! This 3.5-inch solid metal bottle opener depicts a dispatched zombie head from the smash hit comic book series, and way it opens bottles is as gruesome as the book itself! Simply insert any bottle in the zombie’s gaping eye socket and bottle caps will come off with ease! This opener also features magnets on the back for easy refrigerator door display. (Item #APR131737, SRP: $18.00)


Marvel Ghost Rider Metal Bottle Opener

It’s another awesome Marvel bottle opener from DST! This time, the designers have turned the Spirit of Vengeance into a bottle cap-removing force of nature. Simply insert the cap between Ghost Rider’s upper and lower jaw and vengeance is served! This 4-inch solid metal opener features magnets on the back for easy refrigerator door display.  (Item #APR131743, SRP: $18.00)


Ghost Rider1

I think putting these out on Game Night will actually discourage people from drinking my precious beverages (or Daddy Drinks as my kids call them), but I wonder which one would be more effective?

via Diamond Select Toys