This week I was shocked to find that the endless promos heralding the return of ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ weren’t just some elaborate joke on the viewers (insert remark about how the show itself is the joke blah blah blah fishcakes.)  For my part, if they were gonna reanimate the pop-culture corpses of the Clinton Administration, I’d have preferred that they bring back Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or perhaps throw Jim Carrey’s floundering career a bone with a retake on ‘In Living Color.’  Even though, when it comes to talk shows, I’m not particularly interested in watching even when I love the host and/or hostess-type person,  I am genuinely confused about the expectation that Arsenio is a big-name draw in the year 2013.  Is he still a big deal?  Have we officially reached the point where everybody gets their own show?  Is it just me?  And what’s the deal with airline food?  Whether I’m crazy or not, this whole line of thought does beg a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really misses ‘The Higgins Boys & Gruber,’ just like the other eleven people who watched, asking: What other 90s-era programming would you like to see revived in the present day?


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  1. Man, I’d pay so much if they could bring The Critic back on the air, with the writers and cast. Also completely disregard the abysmal web-show episodes.

    • Seconding this word for word (although I have no idea who’d you get to replace the late Doris Grau & Charles Napier). The Critic is one of my favorite shows, and imagining how it’d take on the Michael Bay era of film-making is one of my favorite “What Ifs”.

  2. Two shows I’d like to see remade using new technologies and knowledge in science:

    Reboot – It was like Toy Story for the inside of your computer.

    Sliders – Get Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson as scientific advisers and use some of the original Dr Who premise of teaching history. The show already a Quantum Leap vibe, so keep with that and stay away the later seasons overarching plots.

  3. I thought the Flash TV show was great and didn’t have a long life. If we could bring that back with some good writing that would be swell. If it’s just another Smallville clone than forget it.

  4. I’d love to see a revival or continuation of “Forever Knight” (a series about a vampire who works as a police detective while also trying to find a way to become human again), but only if they can keep the Twilight mentality away from it.

    I’d be thrilled if they could remake “Sliders” without the direction they took once Sci-Fi Channel took over and just keep the story around alternative history rather than some multidimensional war.

    I’m also one of those people who still wants to see “Gargoyles” come back. Shame that the comic series from a few years back didn’t continue.

    And of course, I’d love to see an MST3K revival. While there are RiffTrax and other similar projects with MST3K veterans, they aren’t quite the same for me (I’m legally deaf, so audio-only is near impossible for me to follow).

  5. Homicide: Life on the Street was probably my favorite show of the Decade along with X-Files. While the latter is better off in History, Homicide could be revived as a continuation.Bring back Pembleton as Brass and give an occasional cameo to Richard Belzer.

    • See this was the quandary I had about this question. We kinda did get more Homicide: Life on the Street in the form of other shows, like The Wire. I still feel like Homicide is one of those series that didn’t overstay its welcome, and I like that.

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