Bluewater Productions released a sneak peek of titles arriving this week, that you can check out after the jump.

Beekman Boys Present: Polka Spot #3

writer: Brent Ridge and Michael Troy

Artist: Bernat & Chanoa

From the popular TV series from the Cooking Channel, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” as well as the Amazing Race winners.  Martha Stewart’s former right hand man, Brent Ridge, comes America’s favorite Diva Llama, “Polka Spot.” In this new animated comic adventure from Bluewater Productions, the nation’s favorite Drama Llama takes over the fashion industry on her was to Japan and gets into a heap of fun trouble doing it in a fun all ages, action adventure comedy.

POLKA_03_04-01 POLKA_03_07-01 POLKA_03_14-01 POLKA_03_17-01 POLKA3Cover

Mis-Adventures of Adam West: Volume 3

writer: Leon McKenzie and Edward Gross, Adam Fish

Artist: Luis Rivera, Tsubasa Yozora, Andy Fish, Angel Burnuy

The Bat, The Cat and the Spaceman.  Adam West is back and off to trying to get back to the present.  The television’s original caped crusader has finally found his way back to Earth. The only problem is that the year is 2512! Featuring Battlestar Galactica’s Dirk Benedict and Julie Newmar!

adamwest08_01 adamwest08_02 adamwest08_03 adamwest08_04 adamwest08_05 ADAMWESTVOLUME3

Orion the Hunter: graphic novel

writer: Scott Davis

Artist: Allan Otero

Once Olympia’s greatest hunter, Orion sits as the centuries turn to millennia. Torn between his resentment of the Pantheon, his crumbling faith and his need to serve them, Orion seeks the ultimate purpose of his immortal life and is thrust in the middle of a conspiracy that can destroy Olympus. Orion delves into the dark underbelly of Greek mythos — the rumblings of a massive war between the Olympians and the lesser gods sits on the shoulders of a long ignored demi-god whom both sides see as the key.

ORION_2-01 ORION_2-02 ORION_2-17 ORION_2-18 ORION_2-19 orionGN

Female Force: Paula Deen

writer: Michael Troy

Artist: Manuel Díaz

Bluewater Productions proudly announces the addition of Paula Deen to their popular line of Female Force comic books. Written by Michael Troy with art by Manuel Diaz.  Paula Deen has an interesting life with many ups and downs and Bluwater is happy to bring her tale to life in comic book form.

FFPaulaDeen PaulaDeen2 PaulaDeen4 PaulaDeen5 PaulaDeen9 PaulaDeen11 PaulaDeen24

Political Power: Al Gore

writer: Scott Davis

Artist: Aldo Giordanelli Corbellini

More than 50 million people believed Al Gore should have been President of the United States in 2000; he was practicially groomed for the job since childhood. But this former Congressman, Senator, Vice President, Oscar winner, and Nobel Peace Prize winner followed a different path. One of the more fascinating, polarizing, and perplexing political figures in recent memory, Al Gore’s life has been a contrast of opposites. From Senator’s son to environmental movement champion, Al Gore is a Political Power.

AL-GORE-001_001 AL-GORE-001_002 AL-GORE-001_003 AL-GORE-001_004 AL-GORE-001_005 PPAlGore

Steve Harvey Presents: Roopster Roux #4

writer: Ryan Burton

Artist: Erik Thompson

Roopster, his teammates, and the librarian are trapped  by Tegore, who sends them to the time of the dinosaurs. Roopster has stopped Tegore before, but can he defeat Tegore and a Tyrannosaurus Rex?


Battle Amongst the Stars: Graphic Novel

writer: Martin Fisher

Artist: Ben Hansen

The prequel to the cult film ” Battle Beyond the Stars”.  30 years before the movie, Zed of Akir boards an alien space craft and is drawn into an open galaxy unknown to him. There he finds himself in a race against time to stop a race called the Oztem’s from being wiped out by the ruthless Remlar of the Malmori and his 1st Lieutenant Sador. The graphic novel has never before seen images!

BattleAmongst06 BattleAmongst07 BattleAmongst08 BattleAmongst09 BattleAmongst10 BattleAmongst11 BATTLEAmongstGN

Curse of the Mumy #0 – FREE

writer: Bill Mumy

Artist: Ron Stewart

From the pages of the Mis-Adventures of Adam West comes a new spin-off featuring iconic sci fi actor Bill Mumy.  “The Curse of the Mumy”… an original new series created and written by Bill Mumy. Read it or be sent to the cornfield. This special edition features never before seen images.

curse_mumy01_01-01 curse_mumy01_02-01 curse_mumy01_03-01 curse_mumy01_04-05-01 CurseMumyCover00_revised

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