There are those who tell me that Daniel Craig’s James Bond is the best James Bond because he eschews the gadgetry and goofy humor of the old movies in favor of a more “realistic” and brutal approach to spycraft.  Sure, there’s something to be said for a more realistic Bond, but part of the charm of the Bond films was the sometimes-clever, sometimes-ridiculous laser-guided electro-gizmos (as well as the snappy post-murder one-liners, but that’s another question.)  After a long car trip today, I found myself wishing that I had the submarine/Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the better to explore the bottom of the Kansas River, perhaps finally discovering that underwater chamber from ‘The Goonies.’  These, by the way, are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really GOOD schools, but they do at least beg a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is actually Agent Double-O Fifty-Three, with a license to remove your appendix before it gets inflamed, causing sepsis, asking: What James Bond gadget would you most want to have in real life?


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  1. I thought my answer would be the invisible car from Die Another Day, but then I realized how many times people would just smash into the thing and it lost its appeal. Because Goldeneye it was my first James Bond movie, I have an affinity for its gadgets, mainly Bond’s watch with the laser that featured in the video game.

  2. Hmmm James Bond gadget I could have. That is a difficult one. Right off the cuff I would have to go with the Lotus Espirit that could turn into a sub. On the other hand the laser watch would be cool too.

  3. That would be the Austin Martin DB5 – heck, I’d even settle for the diecast version of they sold in the 60s that I was never able to get my hands on… Oh, and by the way, I do think the James Bond movies with Mr. Craig are the best Bond movies since the Connery days. But that’s because they are better stories overall. Let’s face it, by the end of the Roger Moore era, the Bond movies had degenerated into parodies of themselves.

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