With all the talk about Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman (I’d link to some of the discussion, but I’m afraid to break the internet), one question has mostly remained unanswered:  Is he handsome enough to pull off the Bruce Wayne portion of the role?  Val Kilmer made for a fine-lookin’ Wayne, as did Clooney (even though his movie was least successful as a movie), and even Michael Keaton cleaned up nicely in a tux.  Indeed, the first part of my wife’s appreciation for the Marvel movie-verse came in the casting of her old crush Robert Downey, Junior as Iron Man, and she has tolerated my crush on The Black Widow mostly because she’s distracted by the square jaw and golden locks of Thor.  While Affleck’s winning smile isn’t the be-all of his Batman selectability, it does beg a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always kind of crushed on Courtney Cox in ‘Misfits Of Science,’ now that you mention it, asking:  Who’s the most attractive superhero actor to your eye?


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  1. Does Ayumi Kinoshita as Jasmine and Mika Kikuchi as Umeko from Dekaranger count? Or Christina Masterson as Emma from Power Rangers Megaforce?

    Otherwise, I’m gonna go with Elise Gatien as Mia/Speedy on Smallville.

  2. Famke Janssen as Jean Grey though I think Zoe Saldana in guardians may take that title next year.
    I’ll also add Robert Downey Jr is the most handsome man.

    • I almost went with her, but at the time I answered, I took the question a bit too literal since she’s technically a super villain, not a superhero.

      But she is one of the few reasons I can stand rewatching First Class (along with Zoe Kravitz who I also found lovely, and the cameo of Wolverine that always sends me in to a giggle fit).

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