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  1. I Voted NO. It is just a big gimmick, and it will not make me want to buy them. Not to say my comic book store put them for me. Now if they did something like the AR Marvel is doing (Which I like a lot) then I would give them the extra money without any issue.

  2. I find it too gimmicky – and that’s even considering that I am a sucker for these sorts of things. As fun as they are to play with, meh, I don’t want them on my comics.

  3. It is undeniably a gimmick, a twenty year old gimmick at that. However, the Darkseid one is kinda cool.
    At least they’ve released non-“3D” covers too, so we’re not stuck with the more expensive, and FLAMMABLE (my guys in my store told me that the covers MELT, if they get too hot!!!) covers.
    In short, i voted yes.

  4. In my brain I know this is a gimmick as DC tries to pry more from my wallet, however, as I picked up my Joker #1 from my weekly pull list and saw the 3-D cover my first reaction was “Damn this looks awesome!” So I guess DC sold me.

  5. Who gives 2 shits?
    Give me my foil embossed variant with the Hologram card cover in a sealed bag please. $20? Sure, a book like this will go up in price I’m sure.

  6. I often find the chrome covers to be one of the only nineties gimmicks that ever worked, but I’m sort of inclined to give the moving covers a pass as well. It’s a gimmick sure, but it’s a well-made gimmick. They look nice enough, although I find some to be difficult to look at for more than a few seconds.

    And at least these span the entire cover. I’ve seen nineties comics attempting the same thing, but only sticking a square of the material on an otherwise normal cover. If these look off, at least it’s a unified deal.

  7. I bought up my store’s entire supply. I’m putting them in a safety deposit box so I can sell them later and put my kid through college! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

  8. I heard about these and thought…..these are going to be sooooo dumb. Just another gimmick. Hop on the 3D bandwagon. Once I saw them, I thought they were pretty cool actually. I was quite surprised to find that the back advert was lenticular as well. In short, its silly, but well done.

  9. SmarkingOut Adam on

    A lot of these people are right. It’s a gimmick that doesn’t make the story any better. Regardless, I liked it and spent the extra dollar on the ones I was going to buy anyway. I voted “yes.”

  10. If Ebay is a guide, the prices have dropped to close to cover prices. Gimmick.

    They’re cool, but at the end of the day, they will go into a bag and sit in a box until I read them again.

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