SOLICITATIONS: Roberson to helm Doc Savage series from Dynamite Entertainment


As predicted during a recent podcast, Chris Roberson will be writing the Doc Savage series from Dynamite Entertainment.

1378408215Major Spoilers has made a lot of speculation from the vague comments made by Roberson during his most recent appearance on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and now through Comic Book Resources we have a better idea of where the series will go.

I probably can’t say too much for fear of spoiling big reveals down the line, but I can point to the “Crime College” as something that we’ll be digging into deeply. As I mentioned, Doc views criminal action as the result of aberrant brain function, and has developed a surgical technique that can “cure” someone of their criminal tendencies.

I for one support our new Roberson Overlord, as everything he’s been doing with the classic pulp characters has been a move in the right direction.  Can’t wait for the official press release from Dynamite, and sitting down with Mr. Roberson to have a long conversation about everything Doc Savage.

Doc Savage arrives this December from Dynamite Entertainment.

via Comic Book Resources